The Yamaha Champions Riding School has been a hidden gem for over five years, but eyeball marketing is intent on raising awareness of this life-changing school. What ran as the Freddie Spencer School in Las Vegas for twelve years morphed into the Yamaha Champions Riding School at Miller Motorsports Park. This group of instructors has been literally changing the lives of riders for over 17 years. The change in venue from Utah to New Jersey Motorsports Park gave this staff the freedom to enhance a program that was already the best motorcycle training available in the US.

The addition of eyeball’s Limore Shur, a YCRS graduate, has helped raise awareness of the school to levels never seen before. While the program has been enormously successful with students, it was never really advertised to the extent it should be. With the addition of sponsor YouTube videos called “A few of Our Favorite Things” highlighting the great companies that support YCRS, and “Inside Insights” where Hill and Ienatsch highlight some important riding tips, YCRS has already risen its digital stamp in 2014.

Based on the success of video programs like the ones listed here, eyeball has now produced their first commercial for the Yamaha Champions Riding School and the quality motorcycles they choose for their high-end school. The commercial aims to raise awareness that the main purpose of YCRS is to make safer riders. Skills taught in the two- and three-day classes show riders of any bike or background how to be faster and safer. The commercial can be found here