ChampStreet: Street Riders

ChampStreet is street-rider-focused school based on Sunset Clinics designed and taught by Nick Ienatsch and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps. When the Marines come and ask you to redesign their system because ours is better than what they have, pride gets an entirely different meaning. ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).


  • No track-gear (leathers) required, just street safety gear
  • No racers allowed! Street riders and street bikes only
  • Can be held in a large lot or paddock, on a closed course (track), go-kart track, or any combination of the above.
  • Based on the YCRS Military and Harley-Davidson programs
  • No boring classroom…all the learning happens on the course
  • Techniques and topics include trail-braking, bike dynamics, traction study, mental approach and visual techniques of champions, mid-corner stops, on-track changes that mimic the real world
  • Curriculum designed by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris
  • Priced to encourage all riders to discover YCRS’s Champions Habits

The best program a street rider will ever find. This will save lives.


  • Pricing varies greatly for ChampStreet depending on the venue.  Could be as low as $150 for a parking lot program and as high as $500 if a track rental is required.
  • We are actively looking for locations and groups that want to bring ChampStreet to them so please reach out to bing ChampStreet to you.


09/07, NJMP, Combined ChampStreet and ChampDay
September 7 - September 7, 2020 → New Jersey Motorsports Park

10/02, Streets of Willow - Combined ChampStreet / ChampDay (**Special Format**)
October 2 - October 2, 2020 → Willow Springs International Raceway

11/07, Arizona Motorsports Park, ChampStreet and ChampDay
November 7 - November 7, 2020 → Arizona Motorsports Park

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