Motorcycle riding should not be a “majority rules” sport, yet that is often how it is taught. A question gets asked on a forum and then anonymous answers are tallied and an opinion formed. Yikes! At YCRS we approach the sport from an entirely different angle. We ask, “What are the best riders in the world doing to survive and thrive on two wheels?”

And that question drives the motorcycle training school. Where you ride and what you ride…and at what speed you ride…is a distant priority to how you ride. For proof, know that Harley-Davidson has sent its engineers to YCRS for the last eight years running. Don’t worry about the bike you’re on, work on the rider riding that bike!


YCRS teaches competition-proven techniques of motorcycle control to any pavement-bound rider with the ultimate goal of promoting safer riding in any condition. Safety is the first and everlasting priority with customer service a close second.

To ensure this curriculum structure, training techniques and low student-to-instructor ratios are of the utmost importance. The instructors who coach at YCRS have over 100 years of combined riding experience, much of that experience coming at the national-championship and world-championship level.

YCRS maintains a series of guest and celebrity instructors sourced from the highest levels of the sport, such as Roger Hayden and Bradley Smith, as well as unique specialty courses designed to cater to advanced and expert students.

Yamaha Champions Riding School is financially sponsored and majority owned by Joshua Siegel, with minority ownership retained by YCRS’s executive leadership: Nick Ienatsch, Chris Peris, Limore Shur, Keith Culver, and David Bober.

Contact us and let’s get the Champions involved in your club or group!

ChampStreet is based on our street rider Sunset Clinic and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps. ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).


ChampDay is our open lap trackday plus brief classroom time between sessions with access to some of the best coaches and instructors in the country. Get introduced to our Champions Habits in an exciting and inexpensive day of great riding with world-class education.  ChampDay is for track riders and does require full track riding gear (leathers).


ChampSchool 1 or 2-day curriculum builds upon two overarching principles called “Champions Habits”: How the best riders in the world ride -and- how a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. We shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s needs.  


02/11-12, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, ChampSchool
February 11 - February 12, 2022 → Las Vegas Motor Speedway

02/22-23, Inde Motorsports Ranch, ChampSchool
February 22 - February 22, 2022 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

03/03-04, Race School, Inde Motorsports Ranch
March 3 - March 4, 2022 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

04/05-06, Motorsport Ranch, Cresson TX, ChampSchool
April 4 - April 5, 2022 → Motorsport Ranch

04/15-16, Streets of Willow, ChampSchool and ChampStreet
April 15 - April 16, 2022 → Willow Springs International Raceway

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