Champions Habits: The Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum delivers hours of vital riding instruction for every level of rider, all beautifully shot with animation and world class instructors. Divided into twelve subjects that contain over 40 videos, 30 drills and 40 quizzes, the Core Curriculum brings you our world-class ChampSchool format, accessible from the comfort of your own home. Champ U is not designed to turn non-riders into riders.
Instead, it is designed to help riders become safer, faster.

ON SALE: $49.95

This is our core curriculum, based on our two-day ChampSchool programs taught since 2008.
Newer riders will find that the Champions Habits presented here will establish a solid, logical, understandable base to carry them safely through their riding careers.
For veteran riders, ChampU confirms and fine-tune skills while introducing next steps that become more and more important as speeds rise or conditions worsen.

Purchasing The Core Curriculum allows you to take and re-take this curriculum as often as you like, for as long as ChampU exists!


I used the techniques I learned last night. I was coming around a corner, and a car came to a complete stop in front of me. My fingers were on the brake, and I was able to come to a complete controlled stop mid-corner. The two-day course is my future. Thank you!


All my learning, Keith Code, Lee Parks and many you tube channels, has been brought together in this online course. Everything makes sense and logical and ties in with what you see the top riders doing. Its great having a one stop shop using this material rather than getting bits and pieces of good stuff, here and there. A big thanks from me, for putting these great tools together in the one place.


Excellent material put together [by] some of the very best instructors out there, that you can do at your own pace on and off your bike. Even though you can pretty much find and piece all these infos together it’s hard to be coherent and cohesive and they are. 10/10, and it could cost double of what it is and would still be a 10/10!



No matter where you’re riding or at whatever pace is required and/or appropriate, we’ll help you ride with a plan and a purpose.


The bike doesn’t know or care if you’re in a parking lot, back road or racetrack: a corner is a corner. Getting direction is the cornerstone of riding safer.


There are very few things more important on a motorcycle than taking the right line in a corner.  We’ll cover just how critical the relationship is between your bike’s speed and its cornering radius, focusing on the roll brakes, throttle, and lean angle carry in this vital equation. 


This in-depth study of traction stresses the skills and approaches necessary to stay at or below 100 percent of available grip on the street or track; this logical, straightforward explanation on how effective braking, throttle control, and lean angle management will keep you riding safer and faster for the rest of your life. 


The closer we ride to the expert riders who designed the bike, the safer we are. Minimize risk while increasing speed and comfort by moving your body like the experts.


Practice makes permanent; perfect practice makes perfect. These drills will reinforce your braking efficiency and confidence.                                     


As the motorcycle’s onboard engineer, correct brake use at corner entry allows each of us to place the bike’s geometry in optimum numbers. Learn how fork travel and suspension geometry affect your motorcycle – and how to control it.


Small changes in the rider triangle and position can produce huge dividends.  Being comfortable is mission critical to continued improvement and fun.  We’ll show you how.


Downshifting without upsetting the chassis is an important skill for riders and racers alike. Technology may fail, but good technique will save your ride – and you.


In emergencies, we fall back on our last level of training. Train to avoid that deer, car, or other hazard by using the skills and approaches in this vital drill.


The motorcycle manufacturers put the rear brake on their motorcycles for a reason; because it works! We’ll help you maximize this important tool in the toolbox .


We can use our “four-wheeled practice vehicles” to refine many skills that we use on our motorcycles – and become better drivers at the same time.

Nick’s parents bought him a dirtbike at the age of 12, and 12 years later he joined Motorcyclist magazine. This street rider met some incredible racers and gave roadracing a try; his efforts netted a pair of Willow Springs Raceway #1 plates, three WERA Grand National Finals wins plus two AMA national roadracing championships. Fun fact: Nick and his wife Judy “ride together”: on motorcycles and American Mustang horses.
Chris has run out of wall space for #1 plates: six WERA/N2 Heavyweight Endurance championships and counting. Those championship plaques sit next to AMA trophies for winning in 600 Supersport and podiums in 1000 Superstock. Chris has a Yamaha FZ1 in the garage for street riding and a flock of dirtbikes at his cabin’s TT dirt track. Fun fact: Chris’s wife Jenn runs ChampBody for us.
So far, this instructor has eight AMA national roadrace wins to his credit, plus a sprinkling of MotoAmerica Superbike podiums. Even better? He is the current MotoAmerica King of the Baggers! Kyle does double-duty because he also owns and manages the team he races for: KWR. The Wyman family has owned a Harley-Davidson dealership for generations, so Kyle’s roots are deep within the industry. Fun fact: Kyle’s wife Hannah is the on-track reporter for MotoAmerica.


When Mark isn’t instructing at ChampSchool, he’s flying around the world coaching elite military members in anti-terrorist driving. There are two Motorcycle Racing Association #1 plates on his wall and his riding expertise extends to motorcycle racing tires and on-board data acquisition. Fun fact: he and his wife Tammy are often accompanied by their goat Heidi when shopping.


Elena has stood on the top of the MotoAmerican podium twice and joins Champ U’s Nick, Kyle and Chris as an AMA national roadrace winner. This racer grew up dirt-tracking and has a love for all forms of motorcycling, including MotoAmerica Superbike where she has finished in the top five. Fun fact: Elena’s husband Dean is an Isle of Mann roadracer; watch for this couple’s two kids to be awfully quick.


Keith has a passion for rider instruction: years ago, he started a company to help young racers transition to larger bikes. This made him the choice for Operations manager when ChampSchool launched in 2008. His wall is adorned with Supermoto #1 and #2 plates, his garage stuffed with dirt and street bikes. Fun Fact: Keith discovered canyon riding joy when he and his wife Tischa moved to California in 2016.

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