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Yamaha Champions Riding School “Ride Like A Champion” (consistently well!)

Welcome to the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We want to change your riding life. Our coaching curriculum follows two overarching principles: 1-How the best riders in the world ride. 2-How a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. YCRS motorcycle school focuses on what the best riders do, how the bike was designed, and we apply those techniques to whatever experience or speed each student has. YCRS riding school NJ is designed to maximize your time at our motorcycle school. You ride our perfectly-prepared Yamahas. Breakfast, lunch and night-one dinner are handled. We have AlpineStars gear and Arai helmets you can rent. Our coaching staff works under a single rule: The students get what they need. That’s it. Customer satisfaction is our first, second and third priority.  read more...

Class size is limited to 22 riders at New Jersey Motorsports Park in the summer, and 15 riders at Inde Motorsports Ranch during our winter schools. Individual attention is high because this sport must be specifically taught. Each class will hold a mix of riders, from a first-time beginner to a MotoAmerica participant. We have a majority of street riders attend, but we are very popular with track-day riders and racers. YCRS is an annual stop for some pretty impressive groups too, from the N2 Trackdays owners to the Harley-Davidson engineering staff. Yep, the HD boys have attended YCRS for the last eight years running…so don’t worry about what bike you ride, worry about how you’re riding that bike! “Life Changing” Those are the words our graduates use when describing their experience at YCRS. We believe motorcycle riding instruction in America has been going down the wrong path for about 30 years now. YCRS is on a Crusade to change how our sport is taught, and those changes will save lives and grow our industry. Be a part of it. Give us two days. We’ll change your life.



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#WheelieWednesday with a little sideways Wheelie action! ...

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#TipTuesday.. See the cone, don't Be the cone... keep scanning back and forth with your eyes, never focus so much on the cone itself that the cone becomes you..

What are you focusing on when you approach an corner?

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Are you debriefing after your trackday or race? What questions do you ask yourself after your leisure Sunday ride? Do you have a cool and effective way to take notes at the track? We would love to hear!

Develop your plan.. Visit #Plan #ChampHabits #Training

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Congrats! To our good friend Chris Fillmore, on his rookie attempt at Pikes Peak. Not only does he win, he breaks the world record! Enjoy this amazing video. ...

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Congratulations to YCRS instructors Kyle Wyman, and Ryan Burke, for their 1st and 2nd place finishes in the USBA Superbike Challenge.
Mark Schellinger Nick Ienatsch Chris Peris Keith Culver Geoff Cesmat

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Yamaha Champions Riding School updated their cover photo. ...

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What can you learn from a 2-up ride with a #Champion? 📸@thesbimage ...

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NJMP ChampDay - July 11
July 11 - July 11, 2017 → New Jersey Motorsports Park

NJMP ChampSchool - July 11-12
July 11 - July 12, 2017 → New Jersey Motorsports Park

NJMP ChampSchool - Sept 11-12
September 11 - September 12, 2017 → New Jersey Motorsports Park

Inde ChampSchool - October 2-3
October 2 - October 3, 2017 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

Inde ChampSchool - November 6-7
November 6 - November 7, 2017 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

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“Hey, is there anywhere I can keep studying the things I just learned?” That was a common question from YCRS graduates and now we have an answer:…the world’s only website aimed at making you a terrific rider with the Champions Habits you learned at YCRS. Hundreds of articles and videos populate the site and more are added all the time. read more...

Everything from street-riding priorities to pre-ride stretches to chain-adjustment procedures are covered. How to decrease your lap time without increasing your risk. The reasons we crash. Freddie Spencer’s first lap of a racetrack. Kenny Roberts on why you spin the rear tire on the exit. The biggest dangers for street riders by the Iron Butt Association. It’s a fabulous library of information, growing all the time.

The name comes from student introductions because so many riders want to be faster but don’t want to sacrifice safety. YCRS and approach this sport very simply: What do the best riders do and how can all riders duplicate those consistently fast habits? This site has a single mandate: Help make you an incredible rider., join now!


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