Welcome to the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We aim to change your riding life by introducing you to Champions Habits: The techniques, approaches, skills, and the mindsets of the best riders in the world. These Champions Habits are the foundation of safety and consistency to whatever speed you ride, in any venue on any bike. Street riders, this is just as much for you as track riders. The best way to make safe riders is to make good riders.


Nick Ienatsch – Lead Instructor

Our coaching curriculum builds upon two overarching principles: How the best riders in the world ride -and- how a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. We aim to shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better, and we do this by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s needs.

Whether you are early in your street riding career or headed for MotoAmerica national racing, ChampSchool is laser-focused on your riding improvement. You can bring your bike or choose a motorcycle from our ready-to-go Yamaha fleet. From the moment you arrive, prepare to be immersed. Breakfast through dinner, your instructors will be part of your every learning moment.

Our coaching staff works under a single rule: Each student gets what they need. Plain and simple. Customer satisfaction and safety tie for our first, second and third priority. We hope you join us to revolutionize your riding. You won’t be disappointed.

Need gear? No problem. We have a large selection of Alpinestars riding gear and Arai helmet rentals available. But most importantly, we’ll provide a notebook-full of Champions Habits and an experience that will serve you for the rest of your riding career.




Whether you ride the street, ride the track, or just want to elevate your riding to the next level, ChampSchool has a program to match your needs. Choose from our programs below and see which is right for you.

ChampStreet is based on our street rider Sunset Clinic and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps. ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).


ChampDay is a Bring Your Own Bike program and designed for those who cannot commit to a two-day program and often called “ChampSchool Light”. ChampDay introduces the rider to the Champions Habits, ultimately building the foundation for safer and faster riders while improving overall control of your motorcycle.


ChampSchool is our famed two-day training curriculum originally designed for the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School in the 90s, based on what we call “Champions Habits”.  These are the are habits that the best riders in the world are using and the techniques we strive to emulate.



Pitt Race ChampDay - August 20 , $500
August 20 - August 20, 2018 → Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Pitt Race ChampSchool - Aug 20-21, $2200
August 20 - August 21, 2018 → Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Pitt Race - ChampGrad - August 21, $1200
August 21 - August 21, 2018 → Pittsburgh International Race Complex

The Ridge ChampSchool - Aug 27-28, $2200
August 27 - August 28, 2018 → The Ridge Motorsports Park

MotoSchoolooza - Multiple programs at NJMP Labor Day, September 3, 2018
September 3 - September 3, 2018 → New Jersey Motorsports Park

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9 hours ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School

We aim to change your riding life by introducing you to Champions Habits: The techniques, approaches, skills, and the mindsets of the best riders in the world.

Nick Ienatsch – Lead Instructor

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Nick is on the street talking trail braking. Please share to help get the word out. .

Real-World Trail-Braking - Video Dailymotion
Often riders are told to brake only in a straight line and get off the brakes before leaning into a corner; this is completely wrong. Trail-braking is crucial for proper cornering, safety, and control on your motorcycle. Nick Ienatsch takes you for a street ride to demonstrate real-world application...

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Street or Track ride like a #Champion

Let us get you there, visit www.ridelikeachampion.com

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4 days ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School

We’re proud of our Senior Instructor Kyle Wyman for a hard fought weekend at MotoAmerica

Which ChampionHabits did you spot during the race?If it was easy, we’d all be winners. Looking forward to when it all comes together. We’ve found a lot of ways that don’t work, so we’re closer to the solution. Thanks for the support from everyone as we sort this out. P9 today. #motoamerica @motoamerica @ Sonoma Raceway

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5 days ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School

We talk about trail-braking, we talk about being smooth on the throttle and 100 points of grip... So what is the purpose of using the clutch?

Are there other benefits of mastering this motor control?

Let’s start a discussion with our YCRS Instructors...

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You don’t necessarily need the latest SuperBike to go safer faster.. Investing in yourself will make you a safer faster #rider on any bike. #ChampionHabits ...

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