Welcome to the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We aim to change your riding life by introducing you to Champions Habits: The techniques, approaches, skills, and the mindsets of the best riders in the world. These Champions Habits are the foundation of safety and consistency to whatever speed you ride, in any venue on any bike. Street riders, this is just as much for you as track riders. The best way to make safe riders is to make good riders.


Nick Ienatsch – Lead Instructor

Our coaching curriculum builds upon two overarching principles: How the best riders in the world ride -and- how a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. We aim to shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better, and we do this by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s needs.

Whether you are early in your street riding career or headed for MotoAmerica national racing, ChampSchool is laser-focused on your riding improvement. You can bring your bike or choose a motorcycle from our ready-to-go Yamaha fleet. From the moment you arrive, prepare to be immersed. Breakfast through dinner, your instructors will be part of your every learning moment.

Our coaching staff works under a single rule: Each student gets what they need. Plain and simple. Customer satisfaction and safety tie for our first, second and third priority. We hope you join us to revolutionize your riding. You won’t be disappointed.

Need gear? No problem. We have a large selection of Alpinestars riding gear and Arai helmet rentals available. But most importantly, we’ll provide a notebook-full of Champions Habits and an experience that will serve you for the rest of your riding career.




Whether you ride the street, ride the track, or just want to elevate your riding to the next level, ChampSchool has a program to match your needs. Choose from our programs below and see which is right for you.

ChampStreet is based on our street rider Sunset Clinic and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps. ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).


ChampDay is a Bring Your Own Bike program and designed for those who cannot commit to a two-day program and often called “ChampSchool Light”. ChampDay introduces the rider to the Champions Habits, ultimately building the foundation for safer and faster riders while improving overall control of your motorcycle.


ChampSchool is our famed two-day training curriculum originally designed for the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School in the 90s, based on what we call “Champions Habits”.  These are the are habits that the best riders in the world are using and the techniques we strive to emulate.



Inde ChampSchool - October 1-2, $2200
October 1 - October 2, 2018 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

Vegas ChampStreet Clinic Morning - Red Rock HD October 13, 2018 - $150
October 13 - October 13, 2018 → Red Rock HD

Vegas ChampStreet Clinic Afternoon - Red Rock October 14, 2018 - $150
October 14 - October 14, 2018 → Red Rock HD

Vegas ChampStreet Clinic Morning - Red Rock HD October 14, 2018 - $150
October 14 - October 14, 2018 → Red Rock HD

Inde ChampSchool - November 5-6, $2200
November 5 - November 6, 2018 → Inde Motorsports Ranch

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Are you on the fence about coming to Champschool? PM us to have a chat or call with Nick or one of the partners. Or just read the reviews.... ...

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3 days ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Proper body position moves up the ladder of priorities for our YCRS student Jacques Cochran

What is holding you back in your riding?

One of our top notch instructors can come to help you at your local track day, act as your personal coach during your races, speak at your event, perform rider clinic, street rides, or coach your coaches.

YCRS Senior Instructor Chris Peris adds GPS Data Acquisition to a full day of heavy video coaching that has been touted as the only investment that could rival the YCRS ChampSchool.All Twisted Up - In more ways than one...

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of working with Yamaha Champions Riding School during a private day at Inde Motorsports. It was an amazing experience and an eye opener.

I emailed my instructor and spoke with him about my weaknesses and developing a plan to improve my braking.

Not being an adjustable rider, Ive always over-slowed the corners and developed a bad habit to use one brake pressure no matter the corner. My thought process was that I needed to learn to brake deeper, but use the brakes lighter/longer.

First part of the morning, I met with my private Instructor Chris Peris on a cool morning at Inde in the classroom to go over my goals and what to expect for the day. Just like the 2-day #ChampSchools we started the morning with a van ride to get familiar with the track and get my eyes working and focused.

Chris and I discussed my plan for today... let’s accelerate to wide open throttle picking the bike up leaving every corner gradually giving up 100 Points of Braking for 100 Points of Throttle with concentrating on smooth transition to “WOT” because we have a plan to brake.

Using the lead/follow approach, I would follow my YCRS Instructor for 3 laps and then lead for 3 laps before coming into the classroom for video feedback.

Immediately, Chris pointed out that my area of focus should be my body position and to fix how I am clinched on the Motor Controls. Although body position normally is the last area to improve on when you look at the big picture in regards to motorcycle fundamentals, Chris explained that it is “HOLDING ME BACK”.

I quickly transitioned my body to one side, causing my motorcycle to have a sharp and quick turn in, thus having to over correct. I then loose my exit and have to adjust to get back on the proper line(“racing line”), giving up trail-braking too soon, and having to put inputs to place myself on the proper area of the track.

Radius = MPH .. I always translated that formula to remember to trail-brake, but never looked at the benefits of when in the right moment, you want to exit the corner straightening the motorcycle upright, replacing braking points with throttle points to naturally take you to the edge of the racetrack, thus allowing you to use ALL of the racetrack.

It makes sense now when top riders say a track really “FLOWS” at faster speeds.

My previous habits were all leading to a multitude of bad habits.. “I don’t have enough time, I over-slow my corners, I can’t get to “WOT” and I don’t use all of the racetrack to be able to get #DIRECTION”

“Everything I do is to ride under the Umbrella of Direction” ... words you learn to live by after attending YCRS #ChampSchool.

For me, a big take away was understanding that last piece and having a deliberate plan to execute. I would fully recommend a YCRS Private day even after attending a 2-day school to really dig deep into what’s holding you back and have a tailored plan to leave with and achieve far more results than assumed.

Amazing shot/Photo Credit: BlueyePhotog

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3 days ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Want to try out a Yamaha sportbike on the track? Yamaha Champions Riding School will be out at Willow Springs International Raceway with us on the 29th and 30th with a full line up of demo bikes! Still some space available for the Advanced and Beginner (novice) groups on Saturday, September 29th at the big track and the 30th in Advanced group at Streets of Willow on Sunday, September 30th!


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Off season? We don’t believe in that... Who’s ready for Fall #ChampSchool at Inde Motorsports ? ...

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“I think that working on your skills as a rider is an opening journey, never will you learn it all and never should you feel that you are good enough. I had 3 perfect years when I won every 250 GP race in the AMA, and even then I was always looking for more.

I think having the attitude that keeps your mind open to learning new things will serve you understanding of how to ride a sport bike on the street. That’s what’s great about going to a riding school; the information learned stays with you forever no matter what you ride!”

- Rich Oliver, 5-Time AMA 250 Grand Prix Champion, Record 71 wins


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7 days ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School
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