Yamaha Champions Riding School would like to say Thank You to all who helped make 2015 our best year ever as well as wish everyone a wonderful 2016. 

I recently asked the YCRS team to give me a few words to recap how they felt about 2015 and I thought is might be fun to share some of their thoughts.


    “2015 was an amazing year. I became an owner in YCRS and had the privilege of watching hundreds of riders improve their riding. It is extremely rewarding knowing that we are helping rider achieve their riding goals and at the same time making them safer.

     Speaking of safer, I also became an owner and part of the FasterSafer.com team, the online classroom of YCRS. It has been meaningful to offer all riders, of all skills and riding interests, the tools and techniques to become safer riders anywhere, anytime. It is our way of trying to continue to keep our motorcycle community rubber side down and doing what they love…. even in their in their underwear.

    Although Santa didn’t make me taller than Nick this year like I asked, he did leave a pair of Alpinestars platforms for the sexy umbrella girls in my size. Looking forward to being a solid 4 inches taller and having great looking legs in my leathers this 2016! He also left Nick Rogaine and hair dye, a gold tooth to make Kyle more Justin Bieber-ish, and a bottle of spray tan and airbrushed abs to make Keith fit in better on the west coast. With all of these enhancements, look out for the 2016 YCRS sexy calendar … Rawrrrr! “

– Chris Peris, Senior Instructor, Partner


    “Fun. That’s why we all started riding motorcycles, and that word remains at the forefront of what I want YCRS to be. Yes, the school must meet every need of every student, but at no point can we lose the main narrative of our terrific industry: Fun. 2015 included a lot of fun.

    Big end-of-the-year thanks to all our students and all the staff of YCRS, plus all the individuals and groups who support our approach to rider training. I’m continuously motivated by my terrific staff, and by the way our students ride. 2016 will epic.”

– Nick Ienatsch, CEO


    “2015 brought my second child Micah into my life. What does this have to do with YCRS, you may be asking yourself? Well, when my daughter came two years earlier I decided I would go back to YCRS and redefine my riding style to be as safe as it could be. To not ride at 100% while not losing out on the joy that it brings me. Little did I know going back to YCRS would lead to me becoming a partner.

    So this year as I returned to school I reflected on two years of accident free riding on track and canyon, and relished in the fact that every time I go back I learn more skills that allow me to keep my promise to myself that I will return home to my children every time I throw a leg over a bike. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of friends, colleagues, and extended family of students who all care deeply about riding and safety.”

– Limore Shur, President of eyeball and YCRS Partner.


For me, I’ll never be over the fact that I get to do this for a living.  From selling brake jobs to coaching kids to signing the paycheck for a World Champion, or better yet, being able to call him a friend.  That was more about 2014.  While I am still so humbled by where I am and who I get to work with, this year was more about watching our transformation into a legitimate force in the industry.  Whether it was sitting in meetings with representatives from the Marine Corp hearing them tell us that we are what they need and how we can save lives or watching Chris and Kyle become the next Ken and Nick, it was this transformation that sticks in my mind regarding 2015.

I never made it to the level of most of these guys but I do pay attention.  I’m watching and hearing the feedback from riders getting personal training from Chris, watching the way he interacts with groups and I see a younger (and much shorter) Ken Hill.  I’m also watching Kyle Wyman in class and on stage become more like Nick Ienatsch.  He still has like 60 years to catch up to Nicks experience, his comfort on stage and ability to explain what we teach, how a motorcycle works, and how it is meant to be ridden at his young age of 15 is pretty impressive.  The only draw back, to which this paragraph will only compound, is trying to not let his head get as big as Nick’s.  Hhmm, did I just say that.

We hope to meet even more of you in 2016 and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a great 2015.


Thanks for doing business with us.Sincerely,

Keith Culver, COO, Secretary, Gopher, and Janitor

Yamaha Champions Riding School

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