YCRS ChampDay – Detail

ChampDay: A single full day motorcycle riding school stuffed full of the Champions Habits that have made our two-day ChampSchool so successful.

ChampDay is aimed at riders who have a tight time schedule or monetary budget because a big part of ChampDay is affordability.  Our two-day ChampSchool is $1995 and even though it is touted as the best money spent in motorcycle riding and racing, it is still a lot of money. ChampDay is like “ChampSchool-Light” or “Intro to ChampSchool” Lead Instructor Nick Ienatsch says. “One of YCRS’s goals is to change the way riding is taught in this country and ChampDay will bring our vital message to more riders. We make this sport simple, logical and do-able. Our message resonates with riders of all levels and ChampDay gives us a larger audience for our Champions Habits.”

ChampDay is a track school but is geared towards newer and experienced riders.  Full gear will be required.  We are working with local vendors to come out and provide suit rentals for those who don’t yet have a suit.  Don’t let the logistics get in the way.  Reach out and let us put our resources to work.  We really want to introduce these skills to the entire riding world.

We will use the parking lot to introduce some drills at slower speeds but then quickly rotate onto the track to practice them at more realistic speeds.  We like to say “Nothing really counts when you are going slow” but realize the teaching can start slow.  Champions Habits are literally designed to grow with you as you become more advanced or add more speed into your riding equation.

What students will learn:

  • Students will learn about grip. How much do we have and how do we stay within the available grip?
  • When should we begin braking?
  • When should we end our braking?
  • When should we get back on the gas?
  • Where is the edge of grip? (Spoiler alert – This is the hardest question and does not have a silver-bullet answer…but our graduates know how to recognize and respect this edge.)
  • What is trail-braking and who should do it? (Spoiler-alert….EVERYONE and ALL THE TIME.)
  • What causes crashes?
  • What does Radius=MPH mean and how does it apply to the corners you ride?
  • Why did a YCRS guest-instructor and AMA National Champion stand in a corner and announce that he was most likely slower than all of the students in that specific part of the corner? And how does that proclamation help you become Faster AND Safer?
  • Body position? Do we really want you to drag your elbows when we say “Look GP to go GP?
  • What is that “Umbrella that covers us all”?

What ChampDays will not include….

  • ChampDay will not have the van laps in the morning that are so famous at the regular ChampSchools.
  • ChampDay students will not get video review (but are welcome to put cameras on their bikes).
  • ChampDay will have about an 8:1 student ratio instead of 4:1.
  • ChampDay will not have catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner like the ChampSchools have.
  • ChampDay students will be on their own bikes and be responsible for bikes, tires, fuel, etc. (YCRS and/or its local affiliate will be doing tech to make sure bikes are safe)
  • ChampDay won’t include the geometry and chassis discussions from Day Two of the regular ChampSchool

What is the goal of ChampDay?  The goal is to introduce more riders to the Champions Habits, which are the outlooks and skills that the best riders in the world use to win races but also say on two wheels with the Rubber Side Down.  These “Champions” are the ones who designed the motorcycles we ride today.  Why would we not want to learn how the Champion who designed our bikes actually ride?  If 9 out of the top 10 riders in the world are all doing the same thing, wouldn’t we agree that we would all like to be doing that?  This is the goal of ChampDay, to introduce riders to these habits.

The BONUS!  A FULL REFUND?  If a rider comes to a ChampDay at NJMP and realizes, like so many, that he or she needs to learn more or get more detail about using the Champions Habit, they can apply ALL or HALF of their ChampDay tuition to a two-day ChampSchool at regular price.

What does that mean?  IF there is a seat open in a two-day ChampSchool immediately following a single-day ChampDay and a student would like to take that seat (we only take 24 max), we will apply the full $495 ChampDay tuition to the cost of the ChampSchool.  So you get three days for the price of two.  This only applies to the times we do both back-to-back which is three times in 2016 at NJMP.  Now, if there are no open seats or a student wants to come back to take a full ChampSchool at another time or location within one year, we will apply a 50% credit of the ChampDay tuition to the cost of their ChampSchool.



May 3 is a single day ChampDay.  If you come to that day and want to stay for the ChampSchool immediately following on May 4-5 and IF we have an open seat and IF we have enough instructors on hand, you can take that $1995 school for $1500 and even be given the option to rent a YCRS Yamaha.  For all others and other circumstances, you will still be able to apply 50% of your ChampDay tuition to the cost of a full two-day ChampSchool within one year of your ChampDay.  So in this example, if you can’t stay or we don’t have a seat for you, you can come and take the June 1-2 (or any school within one year) for $1745.  There are a lot of IFs and this is on purpose.  We don’t want to work with people who want to take advantage of this generosity.  YCRS has the sole discretion to determine if this will work based on open seats and availability of instructors.  Bottom line, we want you to come to ChampSchool.

How to sign up?  Easy, go to http://www.champschool.com or http://www.ridelikeachampion.com and click Enroll Today.  Email teachme@ridelikeachampion.com or call 855-RIDE-YCRS for details.