Riders attending N2′s track day at NJMP this weekend May 17th & 18th can expect to get YCRS coaching from school instructor Kyle Wyman. The AMA-national winner will be working with all riders with particular focus on Intermediate and Advanced riders. N2 co-owner James Easley says “We’re thrilled that Kyle will be coaching the Intermediate and Advanced riders. We want to provide our seasoned riders continuing education so they may progress and ride smarter,” Easley said. The entire N2 management team are multi-time graduates of the YCRS program.

YCRS coaching at track days is available to any track-day organization interested. “We have done programs with STT, Xcel, NESBA, and others,” says YCRS’s Nick Ienatsch. “Our approach to this sport really appeals to track-day organizations because our students become faster and safer, most importantly safer. It’s amazing what precise and exact coaching can do for a track-day’s safety, and the YCRS curriculum transfers perfectly to any size group.” YCRS coaches can also be scheduled for bike-night appearances and dealership open-houses.

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Instructor Ken Hill continues. “Bringing a YCRS instructor like Kyle to a track day makes so much sense. It’s shocking how much bad information is out there, and our eight YCRS instructors can show and tell riders what works, what doesn’t, and why. The N2 groups Kyle works with will have more fun, be safer and quicker. Isn’t that what we all want?”

Wyman can’t wait. “I’m really looking forward to this weekend. It’s amazing the improvement we see in YCRS students, so spending two days with track-day groups will give me a chance to apply YCRS coaching to the N2 riders. It’s going to be a great weekend!”