Millville, NJ – Who wants stinky leathers? Not us! The Yamaha Champions Riding School will have 40 Kushitani and Heroic suits at New Jersey Motorsports Park and the absolute best way to keep a recently-worn leather suit dry and fresh is with Adrenaline City Racing, LLC’s Hang Dry® . The Hang Dry is designed to flow air at the optimum efficiency to dry a suit in about half an hour.

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Hang Dry“I’ve been using Hang Dry for years and don’t know how I lived without it when I was riding and racing full time. When I joined YCRS the first thing I thought about was getting Hang
Dry® units for all of these leathers,” says YCRS Operations Manager Keith Culver. “The riders on my youth race team, Evolution Racing, all use Hang Dry® so it was easy to show Hang Dry owner Tomer Levy how our facility could be a showroom and warehouse for his product,” Keith adds.

Hang Dry“I am very excited to see my brand grow and the Hang-Dry® get the recognition it deserves. First we got the best testimonial from a MotoGP rider just last week who will be using the Hang-Dry® in the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. Now the most respected and prestigious riding school in the country wants to take care of their leathers with my product. I am just over the moon,” responds Levy.

YCRS will be warehousing the Hang Dry units which can be purchased at multiple locations, one of them being the New Jersey Motorsports Park general store about 50 yards away from YCRS headquarters. (www.adrenalinecityracing.com/)

YCRS will also offer Hang Dry® units as rentals to its students for only $20 per school. These units will help dry the suits and give students fresh leathers for the second and third days of YCRS.