Wow, the Yamaha Champions Riding School is really starting to take root at New Jersey Motorsports Park. April was light, May got better, June was completely sold out with a waiting list and, even in the heat of July, we were only a few seats shy of being completely full. August is very promising with some new ideas (one-day clinics to bring a more economical program to a larger group of riders) being inserted into the mix as well as a normal two-day school at the end of the month…already 80% full thanks to the yearly visit from the engineering department of Harley Davidson. Following August we will have two schools the week directly after the AMA Pro races at NJMP. Stay tuned as we are talking to a few big names about sticking around and playing with YCRS that week. We will end our season at NJMP in October with two schools the first week where we hope to pack this thing up and take it on the road for the winter.

So how about those new one-day “Day Camp” programs that will launch in August? It’s all part of our effort to get as many educated riders out there as we can. The only way to grow our sport is to make it safer, so tell your friends this is a good chance to get a taste of YCRS. This is an experiment and we want you to tell us what you think.

The first day, August 12th, will be in the famed NESBA SED (Skills Enhancement Day) format and the 13th will be a YCRS school condensed into a single intense day. The instructor team will get each participant thinking how to incorporate the techniques the best in the world use into their own riding. In the one day, we’ll focus on how they use their brakes, eyes, body, throttle…how to choose the fastest, safest line. How to be a safe passer and how to be passed safely! We’ll work on learning about what tires can and can’t do, which is a huge part of YCRS. The goal, as usual, is to make every student an efficient on-board engineer. It’s all there, from u-turns to trail-braking to rev-matching on the downshifts. And students will be encouraged to bring their questions and problems…this team of instructors will help you enormously!

Recently, at an NJMP CCS race weekend, YCRS had some proud moments at our new home track. In the elite Expert Middleweight SuperSport race YCRS graduates finished in four of the top seven spots. To cap off this success, the winner of this race and owner of fastest lap time of the weekend was our recent graduate Anthony Mazziotto III who happens to be just 14 years old. Oh, and this was his first race weekend on a more powerful and razor-sharp Yamaha R6.

Anthony said the skills he learned at YCRS were instrumental in him adapting to the much faster motorcycle with a smaller margin for error. This got Nick thinking about lap times and thought it a good time to share an article he recently wrote about lap times and just how important they are…or may not be?

Here is the article from www.fastersafer.com: See you this summer!