Hello Riders!


I’m sitting in the RV just outside of Barber Motorsports Park enjoying some quiet time for the first time in months. There are a gazillion great things happening in the motorcycle world so I hope you enjoy the YCRS June newsletter.




We just finished our June schools and got our seasonal wet school out of the way because Day One was rainy.  The good news: 23 more riders are now faster and safer, 23 riders know how to better handle a wet road, 23 riders had a chance to try the R1, R3, FZ07, FZ09, FZ1 and of course, the awesome R6! And 23 riders got to see first-hand how the Adrenaline City Racing Hang-Dry (www.hang-dry.com) is literally worth its weight in gold by putting on dry suits after lunch.


The bad news: We just got word from Harley Davidson that they will be sending seven engineers which means we now have less than 10 seats left in the July (29-30) school and we are still six weeks out.  OK, so this is not bad news for us, but when there are no seats left it will be bad news for the procrastinators out there! Like Nick always says, “The sooner you get to YCRS, the better your riding life will be!”




We strategically scheduled our summer so Nick gets some time in his summer villa on the lake in the Swiss Alps.  This means that we will support our staff and graduates competing in the MotoAmerica (www.motoamerica.com) US professional race series at Barber Motorsports Park, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and Miller Motorsports Park (our previous home) in June and part of July. You’ll see Nick racing at Miller in the AHRMA event too.


I hope you can join us as we watch Kyle Wyman continue his quest for a second top ten year in the most competitive class in the US:  600 SuperSport where graduate Kaleb De Keryl is also showing his talents.  Anthony Mazziotto III starts his first season of pro racing (at 14 years old!) as a favorite in the 390 Cup Spec class, and we’ll be helping the slew of graduates and guest instructors in the 600 SuperStock class like CJ LaRoche, Eziah Davis, Casey Tobolowski, and Anne Roberts (all privateers on a budget competing against big teams with deep pockets).


During this six week break, YCRS will not be stagnant.  Thanks to our new Sportbikes Demo Program, we are able to take Yamaha and TrackDaz up on their offer to bring the demo fleet up to Laguna Seca and let participants of the event ride brand new Yamahas on the famed circuit the weekend of June 20 & 21.  Rumor has it they are almost sold out so check outwww.trackdaz.com  if you want to get in on the action.




Did you know about the YCRS Open Door policy?  Here’s an example….


“I came to just take pictures of my boyfriend Terry taking the class.  I was pretty much done and had lost my drive to ride.  I wasn’t sure why but I just didn’t really want to ride much.” – Michelle Medina, long time rider and track-day coach.  “After spending the day just hanging around and taking pictures of Terry and listening to how everything just made so much sense, I knew I was not done.  I knew I had to take the class myself.  The information was so damn logical, it was invigorating.”


Well Michelle not only came and took the very next class, she dragged Terry along with her for his second class and they just finished an amazing two days.


Maybe you’re considering YCRS but are still on the fence about the best school money can buy?  Got a friend considering it?  We’re aiming our Open Door policy at anyone on the fence about the school, any rider who wants to see “what this whole deal is about”. Our Open Door policy means you can come and evaluate the first day of any class at any time.  The YCRS Open Door policy means you can come and witness Day One of any school so you can see what Michelle Medina saw: Truth in Riding.


We have nothing to hide.  We have no secrets.  The YCRS staff works under only One Rule: The students get what they need. We’ve decided to teach anyone with the desire to ride awesomely how the best riders in the world ride, and how each student can use the YCRS Champions Habits to become faster and safer, most importantly safer. The first day of any school will be a chance for interested riders to see what YCRS is all about.


Any riders who want to avail themselves of our Open Door policy,  shoot an email toteachme@ridelikeachampion.com to let us know you will be an observer for Day One of whichever school you choose.  Remember, please hang back and respect the customers, it’s only available on Day One, and the catering is for paying students.


Oh, and don’t be mad if you get the itch to sign up for the next school and there are no seats available.  Our July school is over half sold out and we expect to be on a waiting list as we get closer to July 29-30.  We have had a waiting list every school since December and don’t plan on going backwards. (Did we mention what Nick thinks about the school? Get there!!)


As always, feel free to research us.  Search the internet.  Talk to graduates, visit the website atwww.ridelikeachampion.com , peruse the Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/ridelikeachampion and please spend some time on our YouTube channel atwww.youtube.com/ridelikeachampion.com.  The information on these resources is beyond useful in so many ways.


We look forward to seeing  and hearing from you in the near future.  Until then, Keep the Rubber Side Down!




Keith Culver, Operations Manager of the YCRS Team