Riding’s silver bullet: Tryactin –


Tryactin will improve your riding experience on a motorcycle. – Nick Ienatsch

We search for the instant answer to safer riding—that silver bullet that will make us great riders. Reading books, studying videos, taking classes, asking questions: all in search of the information that will increase our safety and speed while making us awesomely controlled and consistent on two wheels.


It can be a long process with only small improvements. Mistakes are painful and expensive, often setting us back in terms of confidence and enjoyment. We have the desire but it is often difficult to determine best practices in a sea of riding information.


My team at ChampSchool sees the desire of students and we meet that desire with our best efforts. This push to drastically improve our students’ riding has led us to develop a nonprescription drug that radically, immediately, and permanently improves the riding of those who take it: Tryactin.


Tryactin: Available Now

Before your next ride, Tryactin like Valentino Rossi and get your mind on your immediate future. The nine-time world champion huddles by his front tire on the grid, his mind playing through the next 60 minutes. Try that: Don’t get on your bike and go; put your brain in gear like Rossi and then go.


Tryactin like MotoAmerica Superbike champion Cameron Beaubier at your next trackday. When watching MotoAmerica see how and when he moves his body, how smoothly he works the controls, his turn-in rates and lines. Replicate those techniques.

Valentino Rossi

Tryactin like Valentino Rossi: Think about your ride before you jump on the bike. – MotoGP


When you hear roadracing champions talk, listen to their points and Tryactin as they describe. If Jason Pridmore, an AMA national champion and endurance world champion, mentions something during the MotoAmerica broadcast, Tryactin as if he’s coaching you. Why? Because there are a lot of voices out there, but until you’ve gone really fast for a long time—like a champion—you might not realize how small the differences are between right and wrong. Adding speed to poor technique equals a crash, and you can’t win the No. 1 plate lying in the dirt. Our industry doesn’t grow when riders get hurt.


Tryactin like every top-level racing team and get your bike super clean when you get some time. During that cleaning, the mechanics are examining brake rotors and pads and fork seals, looking for oil leaks beginning, and checking for loose bolts; that inspection can be lifesaving. I see some riders arrive at our programs with grimy bikes and it sets off alarm bells for all of us because we know a lack of cleaning is almost always a lack of inspection. From personal experience, when I roll Steve Long’s Speedwerks NSR250 into AHRMA tech, the inspectors barely check it because it is so clean and obviously right. Tryactin like Steve the next time you have a few hours to sanitize and inspect a machine that must be right to work optimally.



Every time you’re out on your bike, Tryactin like you are a representative of the motorcycle industry—because you are. Quell the aggressiveness in traffic, hold your temper, and obey laws because you never know who is in the car watching you. Tryactin as if your state’s governor is watching, and then impress the governor with your sensible riding. Better yet, Tryactin like a young, impressional rider (or non-rider) is watching.


If you are pulled over by a police officer, Tryactin like the person you would like to meet if you were a police officer pulling over an unknown motorcyclist. Get that helmet off, have your hands visible. Smile. Say hello. “Yes, officer. No, officer. Do you ride these really fun machines, officer?” Tryactin with total respect for a person doing a difficult job. I might write more on the intricacies of traffic-stop interactions, but for now, take Tryactin along with a swig of respect and a bit of understanding.



Tryactin like a representative of motorcycling every time you are on the road, especially in traffic and crowded roads. Keep it cool and controlled—remember, everyone is watching; let’s make a positive impression each and every time we ride. – American Motorcyclist Association


When you meet a new rider, Tryactin like a welcoming host opening the front door for Thanksgiving celebrations. Remember when you were new. Remember how hard this sport is to do well. You probably don’t know him, but Tryactin like Philadelphia’s Harry Penn, a rider who mentored dozens of riders with respect, knowledge and enthusiasm—including my best friend Brian Smith, whom I met through our shared love of motorcycling. Remember your passion and Tryactin like the mentor you wish you had—or did have if you were lucky. Whenever I hear an “expert” rider dissing a “newbie,” I think, “Wow, the four-time world GP champion Eddie Lawson is 10,000 times humbler than you.” Let’s all Tryactin like Eddie.



For all who are coaching, Tryactin like you have the greatest job in the world. Take a 200 milliliter dose of Tryrememberin to recall how excited you were to learn to ride. Know that our students have shown the desire to learn just by getting to our classes; it might be our 450th school, but it is the student’s first school. Our job is to bring them safely and enthusiastically into the fold of lifetime riding; that job is best done with vigor, patience, humor, humility, and persistence. Be all in, or change professions, because good rider coaches are a student’s bridge over the pitfalls that can end a riding career early. Tryactin like a life changer, because you will be if you’re all in.


Motorcycle dealership employees, Tryactin like you are the ambassadors of the motorcycle-industry. Customer service must be your first three priorities because you could be the first motorcyclist a rider-curious person might meet. We have all walked into dealerships that turned us off due to a lack of interest in our visit. Nobody there had taken their Tryactin that day, especially the owners and managers who are responsible for how employees interact with the only people that matter: the customers. Tryactin friendly, happy, interested, and helpful—you just might meet some new friends with the shared interest of motorcycling.


A dog’s poor behavior can be traced to the owner’s poor training, and a cold, disinterested, unhelpful dealership can be traced to the outlook of the owners and managers. Tryactin is needed: Tryactin like you want to be insanely successful in a service-based industry by bringing every customer into your club. The dealerships that place customer service first are a joy to visit.

riding school

Tryactin like an ambassador for riding; bring new riders into the fold of our world with understanding and enthusiasm. – Nick Ienatsch


For the rest of your life, when you see a fellow rider, wave and Tryactin like you realize the joy that rider is also feeling—or even the misery on certain days! Tryactin like the bike brand doesn’t matter. Tryactin like the number of wheels on the cycle doesn’t matter. Tryactin like our industry isn’t big enough to split into groups and cliques. Again, a dose of Tryrememberin helps you realize how blessed we are to share one of life’s greatest adventures. Let’s wave when possible.


PS: My wife Judy just read through the story and added: “How about the next time you come home from a school, Tryactin like there’s more to life than motorcycles?” What? Don’t get all crazy with the Tryactin!