Come to YCRS ChampDay and learn Champions Habits without the need for full track gear!

You heard it right.  Yamaha Champions Riding School, the highest level of motorcycle training available in the United States, is adding a ChampStreet group to their one-day ChampDay programs.

ChampDay is designed as a track riders school.  Bring your own bike and gear, come and learn the Champions Habits, how the best riders in the world ride.  ChampStreet is a real-world-speed street riders program designed to introduce Champions Habits to riders without full gear for track riding but conducted at a road course for safety.  Until now, riders wishing to take the street rider program, had to wait for a dedicated ChampStreet day which only comes twice per year.

Due to popular demand, YCRS is now going to incorporate a ChampStreet program into one of the three groups of a typical ChampDay program, giving riders many more opportunities to learn the Champions Habits without the need for finding full leathers or a Sportbike.

In short, ALL riders on any type of bike can register for any ChampDay and street riders will have their own group and program.  These riders will also get introduced to the techniques the best riders in the world use to go fast, but more importantly stay safe and learn how these apply to not only track riding, but also (and more importantly) to street riding.  ChampStreet students will love the challenging course YCRS has developed to maximize the learning of all street riders. Learn how to use your brakes to control your geometry and your radius.  Learn why “flicking” and “grabbing” should be considered curse words in reference to motorcycle riding.

Any riders wishing to learn more about how ChampDay is now open to ALL riders of any skill level on their own motorcycle just needs to contact the Yamaha Champions Riding School via www.champschool.com or www.ridelikeachampion.com, call 855-RIDEYCRS, or email mailto:teachme@ridelikeachampion.com