Millville, NJ: A short film from Eyeball Moto attempts to make you feel like you are really inside the best motorcycle riding school available and totally NAILS it! Have you ever wondered what goes on in a $2400, two day, motorcycle riding school designed and taught by some of the most successful racers and riders or our time? Eyeball moto has created a short film called “Experience” which takes you inside the eyes and ears of Limore Shur, a multi-time graduate of the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS). To see the short film, click here.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School is so flattered that someone would, unsolicited, take the time to create a short film about their experience at YCRS. “One of biggest challenges to the success of the school is expressing the real value that you get from a not-so inexpensive program. Graduates literally rave about their YCRS experience, they comeback 46% of the time, and tell their friends how much it has benefitted their riding and is worth every penny. Our testimonials inbox is full of comments and notes from students that really remind us that we are doing something special. We mean it when we say we change riders lives. What we didn’t have was a really good way to show people just what it is like being in one of our classes so they can see their potential investment. Now that eyeball Moto has produced “Experience”, potential students or just curious onlookers can get a real feeling of what it is like to experience the school.” – Keith Culver, Director of Operations for YCRS.

“I am fairly new to riding motorcycles, especially compared to the company I now keep as a partner in the school. I only got a bike to hang out with my buddies that rode. It was very intimidating going down a curvy road or even riding track days in the safety of a controlled racetrack. After taking the Yamaha Champions Riding School (now multiple times), the dramatic transformation of my riding, my comfort level, my control, and my overall safety was such that I couldn’t just sit back and keep it to myself. So now, as a graduate, a believer, and a partner, because I come from a creative background, and am the founder of a strategic design and branding agency I couldn’t help but express my feelings about the school through a visual medium. This film is the best way I could describe what it’s like to experience the school.” – Limore Shur, eyeballMOTO

We hope that everyone can spare a few minutes, turn off the background noise, and enjoy this short film. For more information and video about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, visit www.ridelikeachampion.com or YouTube channel here and to see other work and learn about eyeball and eyeballMOTO, visit www.eyeballnyc.com and their youtube videos here.