What could a 1,000-pound police cruiser and a 240-pound Supermoto racebike have in common?

Would you believe the answer is: How they should be ridden?  Yep. Now, it’s crazy to tell you that everything is “exactly the same”, but the truth is that the most important techniques cross over a lot more than you might think.

Two weeks ago I went out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and dragged Keith Culver with me.  Keith may not be getting on the Superbike podium like Kyle Wyman or has “World SuperSport Racer” on his resume like Chris Peris, but Keith’s street riding ability is on par with anyone in my rolodex.  Neither of us had ridden a fully-loaded Harley-Davidson police motorcycle but we arrived in Las Vegas with our toolbag of Champions Habits. It was a great two days…and then Keith turned around and created an interesting experiment.

You see, after we spent two days training the Los Vegas Motor Police Department (click picture for video link), Keith tried SuperMoto for the first time.  While he really didn’t want me to share it, he sent me this picture and said to me; “So Nick, I guess Champions Habits applies to SuperMoto as well.”

This got me thinking and chatting with Keith because his experiment really backs up what we preach.  Both the police cruiser and the WR both handled better, turned better, stayed more planted, and gave more confidence when the brakes were used to the same point… “When the rider is happy with their speed and direction.”

And while there is a huge difference in ground clearance, Keith was quick to point out a significant correlation: The abused tires that came his CraigsList SuperMotor wheels required the same head drop in order to reduce lean angle that the Police Cruiser required in order to not drag the pipes. 

Hmm, so go figure: Completely different engineers designed the Harley Cruisers that LVMPD uses, the Yamaha WR450 Keith raced, and the awesome Yamaha sportbikes we use at the school, yet they are all faster and safer with similar techniques. 

 Wonder why?  It’s because expert-level riders designed the motorcycles we ride; riding any bike as close to the way these experts ride will make that bike work better, period. This is what we chase in every Champ program: Let’s ride the bike as it’s designed to be ridden. Whether you’re a traffic officer intent on safely completing your day or a SuperMoto racer intend on earning trophy, Champions Habits provide the skills. Just ask our Crew Chief Keith Culver. 

-Nick Ienatsch

Hot Off the Presses

We’re booked at The Ridge Motorsports Park  in a partnership with TrackTime, LLC for August 27-28.  Click here to register.

First Ken Hill and then Chris Peris hosted riding clinics with TrackTime, then TrackTime began sending coaches to YCRS for 3C, and now the track-day company is adding Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demos to their track days.  Champions Certified Coach is our Track Day Coach program that elevates track-day coaches and control riders to a higher level.  The 3C candidates from TrackTime are On The Gas!

Our March class at Inde Motorsports Ranch next week is almost sold-out with one open seat remaining, and the April school is already at 75% capacity. We keep our classes small and our instructor:student ratio at 1:4, so if you sign up, “you will get what you need”…it’s a YCRS rule.


Buttonwillow ChampSchool has sold out, but because it’s a large place, we have made arrangements to handle five more students and are bringing in another instructor. California riders: Champions Habits are coming your way!


The Buttonwillow ChampDay is perking up but has seats left.  It still baffles us that we sell-out our $2200 classes so easily yet the $500 program doesn’t sell as quickly.  Well, the two-day class has been around for 20 years and ChampDay is only two years old, so as long as the students keep telling us how great it is, we will keep putting them on.

Track Day Training (TDT) with EvolveGT is another new program to help spread the gospel of Champions Habits.  YCRS is working closely with Billy and Mark from EvolveGT to create a YCRS training program that can be run within a track day.  Track day participants can choose this option while registering for select EvolveGT events to participate in a YCRS training program to gain knowledge and skills as well as see what YCRS’ Champions Habits is all about. Warning: TDT will want you to take a full YCRS school.


The rest of the season is still the same: The 21 amazing turns of AZ/ Inde through early May, NJMP all summer with August taking us to Pittsburgh International Race Complex and the above-mentioned Ridge Motorsports Park followed by retuning to Inde for the Fall/ Winter. All you east-coast riders: get to NJMP schools this summer because by October we’re back out west for our Arizona winter run!  

Race Update

The YCRS/ Mazziottto Racing program is still struggling to get enough resources to make the entire season.  A new Marketing Program for Yamaha dealers has garnered support for some of the regions where MotoAmerica races, but more is needed.  

Currently we have support for Road Atlanta, VIR, Laguna Seca, Pitt Race, and NJMP.  If anyone is interested in being a weekend sponsor for the team at Sonoma, Utah Motorsports Campus,  Road America, or Barber Motorsports Park, reach out to Keith Culver via 732-267-3699 or keith@champschool.com.  We back young riders to grow our sport and help is always welcome.

Weekend sponsors will get a free ChampSchool from YCRS, a free VIP demo experience with your local track day club, and a 10×10 space with the team inside the MotoAmerica paddock at their local race.  The program was designed for Yamaha dealers but can work with anyone interested in the benefits or excitement of the program.  The only difference for a non-Yamaha dealer is the co-op.

For those who do not know, Anthony Mazziotto is a YCRS prized pupil. YCRS joined Mazziotto Racing as the title sponsor last year by sharing our support from amazing companies such as Yamaha, Yamaha Generators, Yamaha Genuine Parts, YamaLube, Woodcraft, MotionPro, Scott Powersports, and Chicken Hawk Racing.  

Anthony is a two-time runner-up in the MotoAmerica RC390 Cup Series, also finishing second at the World Finals in 2016.  In his rookie year on a 600, “LittleMazz” took a relatively stock YCRS school bike to five podiums and two wins against great riders with much larger teams.  We still stick by our opinion that he could be the next great American racer, if given the chance.

For more information: find the team sponsor deck here and the details regarding the three-part marketing package here and even the GoFundMe page for small donors here.  YCRS is in-it-to-win-it, whether we’re helping you ride awesome or helping our awesome graduates.

Upcoming Events

Mar 5 – 6: ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ

March 19: ChampDay, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow, CA

March 20-21: ChampSchool, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow, CA

Apr 2 – 3: ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ

May 7 – 8: ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ

May 21: ChampDay, New Jersey Motorsports Park – Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ

May 21: ChampTeam Corporate Event, NJMP – Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ 

May 22-23: ChampSchool, New Jersey Motorsports Park – Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ

May 28: ChampDay, High Plains Raceway, Denver, CO

Click here for full schedule.

Sponsor Spotlight

Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers will be back for 2018 which is a good thing because all of the staff fight over them and Keith even used the R3 sized set for his SuperMoto Race last weekend.  Click here to see their latest report including their support of Americans in World Superbike!  If your not on Chicken Hawk, you tires are not warm enough.