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September 18, 2018.  Litchfield Park, AZ – Based on the success of the combined formats of MotoSchoolooza, YCRS will offer the same format and schedule at Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP) on November 10, 2018.

On Labor Day, YCRS hosted the first annual MotoSchoolooza at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Motoschoolooza attracted all types of riders on all types of bikes to experience Champions Habits, whether they were track or street riders, and no matter what bike they rode. It was a terrific success for every participating rider.
At MotoSchoolooza, and now at AMP in November, track riders are able to take the famed ChampDay program which is on track with full track gear and no speed limits.
At the same time, street riders on street bikes in street gear can take our ChampStreet program that starts in AMP’s huge parking lot and gravitates to the track in the afternoon if the rider chooses that option. ChampStreet is all about our Champions Habits at legal, highway speeds, and the track will be modified to keep the speeds limited to the state highway speed limit with the riders in street gear. Yes, this is the program we do with the Marine Corps AND Motor Police…combined!  It’s vital for all street riders.
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About Champions Riding School

Champions Riding School is the nation’s premier motorcycle training program.  YCRS is the evolution of the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School and is led by racer, author, and former right-hand man of Spencer, Nick Ienatsch.  YCRS uses “Champions Habits” to teach all riders the skills and techniques used by the top riders in the world to go faster, stay safer, or both while concentrating on the way in which modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden.  YCRS is dedicated to making all motorcycle riders safer and more in control of their riding, no matter what type of riding they do. For more information visit