The Yamaha Champions Riding School finishes 2014 with a bang:

Only two seats left at the Dec. 4-5 graduates-only class, Dec. 8-9 SOLD OUT!

 So what about 2015? We’ll start the year at Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona, (www.indemotorsports.com) with a January 22/23 two-day Masters school aimed at any street-based rider with the desire to become an amazing rider. These winter programs are designed for only 12 riders… our Yamaha R6s, our tires, our gas… we can even rent you top-of-the line Alpinestars gloves, boots and helmets. All you need is desire. Oh… and underwear and socks.


The Inde track and facilities are simply amazing. It’s a members-only track in Willcox, less than an hour from Tucson. Pilots can land their own planes on the front straight! YCRS has a great hotel rate in Willcox too.

The YCRS program isn’t another glorified lapping day calling itself a school. At YCRS, the two days are spent working on the essential skills a rider needs to survive and thrive on the street and succeed on the racetrack. We work on every facet of bike control… with no speed limits, gravel, oncoming cars or cell-phone distractions. You will become a faster, safer rider no matter what or where you ride. Give us two days in January to make 2015 the year you become an amazing rider.


-The YCRS Staff