Perfect weather and awesome tracks launched the 2014 Yamaha School season at NJMP in Millville, New Jersey. The school’s fleet of Yamaha R6s, R1s, FZ1s and FZ09s riding on Dunlop tires carried this first batch of students through a pair of two-day schools without a hitch.

“What a great start to what we know is going to be a bright future,” lead instructor Nick Ienatsch said. “We took all winter to get things arranged here and the welcome has been outstanding from the track and students. These first two schools couldn’t have gone much better.”



The YCRS marketing team at eyeball has taken on the challenge of getting the word out about the school’s new home, and personal appearances by the instructor staff at local dealerships, bike nights and rides has helped spread the news.

“That’s been the biggest challenge,” lead instructor Ken Hill explains. “We’ve been in Utah for five years and Las Vegas before that, so moving east is a big change that we’re doing our best to publicize. Same great school, all-new and awesome location.”


yamaha-teamThe big move east is matched by some great additions to the YCRS gang. Larry Pegram joins Scott Russell as a guest instructor, and Chris Peris and Kyle Wyman are onboard as instructors too. Keith Culver has stepped in to head Operations and racer Josh Siegel and track-day rider Limore Shur are part of the enthusiastic owner group. Sponsors such as Kushitani, Alpinestars, Dunlop and Arai have stepped-up to support YCRS at its new home in New Jersey.

Want a teaser?  Go through the videos on our YouTube channel HERE.


Click on www.ridelikeachampion.com and read through the website, especially the testimonials, choose your dates, and come experience this life-changing motorcycle school.


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2014 Yamaha Champions Riding School Schedule at NJMP:

1. 2 Days. Monday, 04/21 (Lightning)- Tuesday, 04/22 (Thunderbolt)
2. 2 Days.  Thursday, 04/24 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 04/25 (Lightning)
3. 2 Days.  Monday, 05/05 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 05/06 (Thunderbolt)
4. 2 Days. Thursday, 05/08 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 05/09 (Lightning)
5. 2 Days. Monday, 06/09 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 06/10 (Thunderbolt)
6. 2 Days. Thursday, 06/12 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 06/13 (Lightning)
7. 2 Days. Monday, 07/14 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 07/15 (Thunderbolt)
8. 2 Days. Wednesday 07/16 (Thunderbolt) – Thursday, 07/17 (Lightning)
9. 3 Days.  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 08/12 -14 (3 Day school with dirt track)
10. 2 Days. Thursday, 08/28 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 08/29 (Lightning)
11. 2 Days. Monday, 09/15 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 09/16 (Thunderbolt)
12. 2 Days. Thursday, 09/18 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 09/19 (Lightning)
13. 2 Days. Monday,10/06 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 10/07 (Thunderbolt)
14.  2 Days.  Wednesday, 10/08 (Thunderbolt)- Thursday, 10/09 (Lightning)