Hey everyone, Anthony here again and I would like to tell you how my MotoAmerica weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex went. I know it’s been a while since you read my last one but it’s been a long break and we haven’t been at the races in a while.

I had a funny feeling going into the races at Pittsburgh that something was going right and I knew it was gonna be a good weekend. I’m super excited to be riding the 2017 R6. The bike feels good and I feel even better on it. It doesn’t seem to use as much energy to ride fast as the old bike did.

Thursday was a long day of setting up and getting back into the swing of things. Thursday night we went to bed early to get ready for the next morning. Friday morning we set sail and went out for first practice. I ended up fourth in class which wasn’t too great but we sat down and went over set-up and then we were ready for practice two.

I was super excited going into the session knowing that I had a good bike underneath me and I was curious to see if the changes helped. I ended up fourth overall and first in class which felt amazing because I haven’t been on the top of the chart for a long time.

A week before this race my 2017 Yamaha 600 was just a Yamaha Champions Riding School bike in a crate.  So to be able to put the bike on the top of the practice charts was super exciting and gave me a lot of confidence going into Saturday morning qualifying.

Saturday morning I woke up early. I was ready to go and eager for qualifying. Had a feeling that this was gonna be a good one and that I was going to be able to put this on the top. I went out and rode my ride and came in halfway through qualifying and looked at the TV and saw that I was on top. We changed a tire and made a few minor changes.  Then I went back out and pushed even harder; when qualifying ended and I was still fourth fastest and first in class. It was the first time I set Pole in the SuperStock 600 class. I was So Stoked.

I knew going into the race I would be able to get a good start and maybe tag along with the front faster SuperSport guys. I got a great start in the race and was battling with Brandon Paasch all race long, but was able to pull a gap and ended up first with an eight-second gap to second place. This was my first race win on the Yamaha in the SuperStock 600 class.

Sunday morning we made a big change and tried it in practice. The change was great and we left it for the race. Once again I was fourth fastest and first in class when morning warmup ended. Going into this race I knew it was gonna be really tough because Jason (Aguilar. also a YCRS graduate) had good pace the previous day. He and I battled all race long and on the last lap he and Benny Solis were battling in front of me; I tried to stick it up the inside but they both out-drove me to the line. All-in-all a first and second place was a great weekend back.

I always like to leave a note about what Yamaha Champions Riding School “Champions Habit” was the most important of the weekend.  It’s hard to determine which of the many habits we use was the most important.  With the engine braking still on a street setting, I had to be extra smooth to avoid the back end coming around on me in turn one.  Any abruptness surely would have caused a crash.  Then, in a few of the turns while we were working on setup, I had a hard time getting direction as soon as I wanted and it was hard to finish the turn.  Really putting pressure on the inside peg to increase my turn-in rate made the difference, especially before we got the setup right.  So this weekend, I’m gonna have to say not being abrupt and how I weighted the inside peg to help turn the bike were tied for the most important YCRS Champions Habits.

I look forward to giving another ride report after New Jersey in two weeks.

Can’t thank everybody enough for supporting us this season.

– Mazziotto Racing (mom, dad, and grandpa)

– Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS)

– Dainese Leathers

– AGV Helmets

– Markbilt Racebikes

– N2 Track Days

– Yamaha Motors USA

-Yamaha Generators


-Hindle Exhaust

-Armor Bodies

– SBS Brake Pads

– Dunlop Tires

– Brothers BBQ

-Scott Powersports

– JT’s barbershop

– Shorai batteries