We just hinted about it in our newsletter last month and y’all came out of the woodwork to get your hands on our perfectly maintained Yamaha R6s and FZ1s.  So we let the dust settle a little bit and are now dedicating this email blast to the sale of these bikes.

As mentioned in the previous email, the bikes are perfectly maintained with oil changes every 1000 miles (recommended is 3000).  The R6s are the blue and white color scheme from 2014 and are in almost new condition.  The FZ1s are in great shape also and are the white versions.

We had a Graves built R6 and two with race bodywork on them but they were spoken for with deposits within a few hours of our newsletter.

We’ve also got deposits on quite a few of the OEM models but have enough left to put out this email.  Prices for the R6s is $6500 and $6300 for the FZ1.  As of today we have one of the two FZ1s left and 7 of the 14 R6s left in New Jersey which will be available next month (deposits coming now).  We will also have one FZ1 and 13 R6s available in Arizona in the spring (probably March, April at the latest for all of you west coast folks).

All sales will come with a Gift Certificate for a free ChampDay class or ChampStreet class.  Students wishing to take a 2-Day ChampSchool can transfer their $495 free school into a $495 discount towards a two-day school.  You can choose to use this option for the Sept 12-13 class while seats are still available BUT if you choose to ride these bikes, they are still ours through the 13th and the rental fee for the class would apply.  Call for details.

The bikes are immaculate and perfectly maintained. They are used 2014 models and some may have very minor blemishes but rare and so minor.  They will be utilized for our last school Sept 12-13 and available for pickup on the 14th.  Bikes are first come-first serve with a $500, non-refundable deposit being sent via PayPal to teachme@ridelikeachampion.com being the marker for who gets a bike.

Obviously, if something happens to a bike during this last class, we would either give you another one, repair the damaged one back to 100% or if there are no other options, refund all of the money.  Our crash rate is fractions of any other school or track day so we are confident this would be a rare occurrence.

We will not be doing any special maintenance to the bikes before sale because they are maintained well above the norm.  You may get one that just got an oil change or one with almost 1000 miles on the oil that is supposed to be changed every 3000.  You may get one with good tread on the tires or you may get one with less tread.  It all depends on how fast the student was in our school Sept 12-13. This a bit of a crap-shoot for the buys but for the prices of these bikes, there is still no better deal out there.

If you wanted or wished that you could have got one of the bikes with bodywork, we have an option for you.  For the cost of the parts only (no labor), we can order and install a set of Armor Bodies track/race bodywork if you would like.  the bodywork is $699.9, the hardware (D-Zus fasteners) kit is $30, and the heat shield kit is $21.99 for a total of $751.98 plus shipping so round up to $800 for brand new bodywork shipped and installed.  We even have some paint connections on the east coast if you are interested in having it painted first.

We have all of the turn signals, mirrors, and street options for each bike as well as clean paperwork.  We were given MSOs to the bikes so when you take it to your DMV, you should be listed as the first titled owner.  MSOs are on hand during pickup.  Bikes will only be released once final payment has cleared so we recommend calling after your deposit to arrange final payment.   We take PayPal, Cash, Checks (with ample time to clear), and credit cards via PayPal.  Receipts will be provided but buyers will be responsible for their own sales tax when they visit their DMV.

Everyone is welcome to come and see them in person the weekend of the CCS races Sept 3-4 or the weekend of MotoAmerica where the best racers in the US will be competing at NJMP (Click Here for MotoA PromoVideo).  


If you’re interested in coming to the NJMP MotoAmerica race weekend, our friends at Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers have a contest going on for a set of Tommy Hayden Tire Warmers and a set of tickets to the race weekend.  Here is how to enter….

Enter the contest by sending an email to office@chickenhawkracing.com  Use “NJMP Contest” as the subject line.
Within the email, please list:
** your first and last name
**your user name on our site (if you don’t have one you can register)
** your daytime phone number,
** the bike(s) you ride.


As always, thanks for supporting YCRS and our sponsors.  We hope to see you all soon.


Yamaha Champions Riding School