What?  Yep, NCBike is a new market and we don’t know yet if ChampDay or ChampSchool is the better option so we’re now offering both.

Want to take YCRS but two days off of work or the $1995 price tag keeping you from our standard school, here is your answer.

ChampDay is “Intro to YCRS” or “ChampSchool Light”.  ChampDay is one-day for $495 but we’re offering it for $450 if you register before the end of August.  ChampDay introduces everyone to Champions Habits in a track day, rotational format for a fraction of the cost of the full school.

The last time we tried ChampDay on the road it sold out within days.  Since we’ll only take about 36 riders, get on a register so not to miss out.  Click here to go right to our enrollment page.  Registration Link