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A perfect record in the west, sights set on the east. YCRS gets ready to start our journey to New Jersey with so many positives. ChampDay was a HIT, ChampStreet was a BLAST, ChampSchool is just a growing snowball.

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Hear the Jedi Master speak about Champions Habits at Major Powersports in Las Vegas, NV tonight, Thursday April 20. Details
• What are 100 points of grip and why must we live by them?
• What affect does abruptness have on your riding?
• How do brakes stop the motorcycle and how they are used to change the direction of the motorcycle.


I know we keep mentioning it but its worth every single word. $495 to get introduced to and shown the most important Champions Habits is too good not to keep mentioning. This is the best single day group school in the country. The only place to get a better education in your riding is a two-day ChampSchool. ChampDay was designed for riders who don’t have the finances or time for a two-day ChampSchool. The next ChampDay is our first one at NJMP on May 3 with more NJMP classes on May 31, July 5, and September 13.

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ChampSchool, the nickname for YCRS and the official name of our famed Two-Day school where we spend those days teaching the techniques that the best riders in the world use and how modern-day motorcycles are designed to be ridden. ChampSchool is an ever-evolving program that gets stronger and stronger with seats being less and less available.

This year, part of the reason for success, is the large discount available if you ride your own bike. We still have beautifully maintained Yamahas at your disposal but you can save $400 and the risk of scratching someones else’s bike by riding your own. In fact, we will only offer 16 rentals at each school.

ChampSchool had a waiting list since October and will be back at New Jersey Motorsports Park on May 4-5(sold out) with classes also available June 1-2, and July 6-7. Do not hesitate if you are one of the many on the east coast wanting to join us for a ChampSchool because seats are limited.

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ChampStreet is coming to the east coast. After a year of Sunset Clinics by Nick Ienatsch in Colorado with more high marks and a redesign of the US Marine Corps rider education programs, YCRS introduced ChampStreet last month in Phoenix and it was a huge hit. In fact, half of our initial class were MSF and local motorcycle education rider-coaches who were blown away by what they learned in such a short amount of time.

The Phoenix schools were only 3 hours long and New Jersey will get to enjoy one of these classes all day on September 12.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, ChampStreet is for you street riders, does NOT require full track gear, and teaches the most important Champions Habits and how they apply to any motorcycle on any road. We had full dress Harleys, dual sports, sport touring bikes, adventure bikes, and sportbikes at our Phoenix ChampStreet and the enthusiasm was fantastic. Everyone greed they were leaving this class a better and safer rider than they came.

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Demos, Demos, Demos

The Official Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demo program has grown for 2016. In 2015 it was one man driving around the country to track days allowing participants to ride some of Yamaha’s incredible sportbikes for no charge. Well we did something right because the 30 demos from last season has turned into 48 of them this year with more partners joining the program.


That’s right, partners! On the east coast this year, N2 Track Days will be the official track day partner for the Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demo program. N2 will provide free Yamaha sportbike demos to track day participants at at least 24 of their whopping 65 events. As the largest track day organization in the east with the best safety record, and, by far, the highest number of trained instructors and control riders, N2 was the logical choice for YCRS to help hold the candle for our demo program.

Except for select reserved events, YCSD West Coast will be off for most of the summer but back up and running in the fall after a well deserved break. Yamaha customers, don’t be shy. Reach out to your dealer and have them inquire into hosting a demo event at a location near you. Dealers, contact your rep and learn how to get a demo day at a trackday near you.

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Did you know that YCRweSt for the winter 2015/2016 season had a perfect record? That’s right, perfect! Over this past winter, The Yamaha Champions Riding School has trained 143 riders (14 of them in the SNOW!) and had exactly 0 tip-overs. Not bad when the average for a track day is 10% which means if we were average, we would have had 14.3 crashes this winter but we had none.

Everyone of those riders left riding faster than they came in yet everyone also left riding safer. So when we say “Faster/Safer”, we mean it.

A prominent Marine once said after a class, “Before YCRS, every turn was a gamble. Now, every turn is complete control.” These words stick with me and make us proud to brag a little that the Champions Habits we teach WORK. Just ask Anthony Mazziotto, a YCRS Student who is leaving Atlanta as the points leader in the MotoAmerica RC390 spec series.

The greatest boost to that confidence is that every one of these techniques can be proven so come on out and take the challenge. You will leave a better, SAFER rider with the ability to go faster if you choose.

Thanks for reading and we hope to have enough great news to send you all a note next month.


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