Don’t let her gender, petite size, and good looks fool you… this young lady can ride a motorcycle! Anne Roberts of Atlanta Georgia just start riding motorcycles back in 2010. Despite her late start, Anne was quickly bitten by the go-fast bug and it became an addiction. Once she began riding on the racetrack, Anne found herself entering club races that very first season and has not looked back since!

In 2012, Anne decided to up her game and signed up for the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS). “Everything I heard about the Yamaha Champion Riding School was outstanding and decided to try it for myself”, says Anne. She made the trip to New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) for her first YCRS event. Despite poor weather, she quickly learned that the skills taught at YCRS applied no matter what the conditions and found that it quickly became part of her DNA. “Look GP to go GP”, a phrase championed by YCRS, wasn’t just a catch phrase, it meant that leaning off the bike like the GP Pros would allow the bike to stay more upright providing better grip. This technique was even more important in the rain.Motorbike pose
Since then, Anne has quietly been kicking many of boys’ butts and now finds herself in a championship points lead in multiple WERA expert classes. Recently, Anne did her first AMA Pro SuperSport race at Barber Motorsports Park and experienced first-hand, the ups and downs of professional racing. After suffering a fuel delivery problem on Saturday’s race, Anne was able to come back on Sunday and finish 26th out of 41 riders. Not too shabby for a five-foot nothing rookie who got a late start to the sport!

Anne’s practice and seat time comes mostly in the form of track days and she is an instructor (control rider) at N2 Track Days. Anne also owns and operates a successful landscaping business in Atlanta, GA (Belle Landscaping) that exemplifies her hard-working ethic. Her business not only funds her racing endeavors, it also keeps her fit in between races and track days. In preparation for her next AMA SuperSport race at NJMP, Anne is looking to get a refresher course from YCRS and refine elements of her riding. “The Yamaha Champions Riding School helped me go from an average rider, wanting to go a little faster, to a championship contending expert racer, and now an AMA Pro. I think this is a good time to brush up on those skills I learned. Ken and Nick are AMAZING at critiquing riders and finding small things to work on in a way that so few can do”. The idea is to continue to grow in her riding and look to do a full AMA season in 2015.

Motorbike curveAnne is supported by Marietta Motorsports who services and maintains her Yamaha R6 and N2 Track Days that gives Anne as much seat time as she can handle. “Huey (Marietta Motorsports) is a genius. He’s so much fun to work with, can tune my bike like no one else, builds great motors, tweaks my suspension to perfection, and keeps me smiling whether I need it or not. I am very blessed to have him in my corner.”

“N2 Track Days is an awesome organization and they’ve done an amazing job bringing the fun back to track days. There are no better words to describe them. Many of the members who rode with N2 this past weekend at Road Atlanta declared it was the best track day they’ve ever attended. N2′s coaching and instruction is far more refined than any other track day organization I have been to. It helps a lot that most of their control riders are also YCRS graduates that know the right things to teach”, Anne explains.

Anne will be attending YCRS for her refresher the week of July 14-17 so if you’re looking for the best rider instruction around and want to see what this 25-year old speed girl can do, sign up and have a week you may never forget.