Have you heard? YCRS is teaming up with N2 Track Days and Markbilt Racebikes in backing MotoAmerica 600 SuperStock racer and YCRS graduate Anthony Mazziotto in 2017 because we believe in this kid and in America’s young roadracing talent but we need your help. Our school will bring relationship support, product support, on and off track coaching, industry connections, and a very small financial support package that we hope grows with additional support from corporations and individuals in our two-wheeled community.

Goin’ Racin’! Everyone at YCRS has raced at some point, many still do… but we have never stepped up to support one single student like we are trying to do with “Mazz” in 2017.  This is how you can get involved and help support a talented, hard-working, dedicated racer who has succeeded on his own in the amateur ranks but will need all our help to run at the front of professional racing.

History: Anthony started with the top mini club in America, NJMiniGP, and was later taken under the wing of our operations manger and “Crew Chief” Keith Culver as he grew into full-size bikes and full-size tracks.  It was then that Keith introduced Anthony to Mark Rozema of Markbilt Racebikes, put him through a YCRS school and the domination of regional racing began. 

With the support of Mark and Keith, the quality track time from N2, and an outstanding foundation from YCRS and Ryan Fleming of NJMiniGP, Anthony went on to win multiple regional and national championships.

The industry noticed:  Anthony was awarded the AMA Youth Road Racer of the Year and then the highest award possible: the AMA Horizon Award. This award is given to a single young racer who has the best chance to make the successful transition to the professional ranks.  

Breaking Records: On the weekend the Horizon award is decided, Anthony became the first rider in history to win every single race he entered.  If this young racer gets continued support, the Horizon Award is just one of many records Anthony will go on to set, and you can be a part of the team and the experience of winning professional races.

As a Pro: Anthony’s graduation into the pro ranks was impressive to everyone, except Anthony.  Finishing second in the nation in both 2015 and 2016 in the new RC390 Spec class and then heading to Europe to also finish second in the RC390 Cup World Finals is an unbelievable feat but not good enough for Anthony.  Anything short of a Championship means he will work harder and harder.  This is the mentality we seek in a rider and what makes for a true champion. By joining our support team, you will back a worthy young racer with his eyes on the highest prize.

Current and Future Bikes: Anthony will begin the season on his current Yamaha R6 while we work with Anthony, Woodcraft, Markbilt Racing and N2 Track Days to develop the 2017 YCRS R6 which will eventually take over as the #1 bike. 

Currently, there is enough funding to make it until the third round at Road America in June and we need support from you to finish the season.  If you would like to support this program, even in a small way, or know of any great corporate sponsors, please email Keith at YCRS (keith@champschool.com) or phone him at 732-267-3699 to see how you can get involved in something that will be special to not only YCRS, but a young, future champion.  To donate directly, we have established a GoFundMe account for Anthony.  Just click here to donate.

When considering your return on investment, keep in mind that by supporting this one project, you will be getting in return, the promotional energy of all three entities involved. 

The official sponsor deck with more details on what you receive for becoming a team sponsor program can be found here.  Sponsorship packages will be 100% customizable and there is no sponsor too large or too small.  Sponsor a season, sponsor a weekend, sponsor the tires, or sponsor the travel.  For significant sponsors, you will receive complementary training at YCRS schools in addition to top branding for you or your company. 

Let’s invest in the future of American road racers.  This is the perfect scenario of having a rider from the US with proven ability to move through the ranks and potentially be on top of the world stage, supported by you and YCRS.

Thank You for your support.  Don’t forget, YCRS only has two more schools on the west coast before heading to New Jersey Motorsports Park for the summer.  Our last two events in AZ have a few seats left. 


The Yamaha Champion Riding School Team