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    Barry Kaplan

      I am planning on Dec in NV. I have a brand new speed triple 1200 rs (just 600 miles). I have 20 years of riding (but after taking champU I feel its more like a few years repeated for 20). I sold my last bike (gsx1100) 15 years ago.

      Given that background, any suggestions for which bike to rent for the 2 day champachool?

      Keith Culver

        Where do you live? If you are within driving distance, why not bring your bike? Most students do. (and everyone gets to try all of the awesome Yamaha models at the end of the second day).

        Barry Kaplan

          I’m way too far to ride there; in the Seattle area. I’ll come for a second class when you do the WA class next year.

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          Barry Kaplan

            No suggestions 🙁

            Nick Ienatsch

              Barry…how about the MT09?? Also a triple, comfy like your Triumph…we love them…get with Keith to reserve one if it sounds good, see you soon.


                If you had the option, would it be best to ride your own bike? With the thought being you are most comfortable with the feel and controls?

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                Alex Hatfield


                  Barry Kaplan

                    Thanks all. I’ll use my own when I take the course (again) locally in WA. I just can’t get it all the way to Vegas from North of Seattle.

                    But I see for the NV class rentals are sold out. So I guess no class for me this year. Bummer.

                    Hmm, there is a checkbox that says “R7” for $600. But the “Motorcycle Rental” above is dimmed and marked sold-out…

                    Alex Hatfield

                      Barry, shoot Keith an email directly about that class and a rental:


                      Barry Kaplan

                        I already signed up with an R7 (only option). The site seemed a bit glitchy. Within the span of a few minutes it showed: A panel with four types of baked, two sold out. Then no panel at for any kind of bike. Then a panel with just “R7”. Then even after I selected R7 and tried to check out it gave an error saying “something” I selected was no longer available. Going back it then showed the selected R7 checkbox but with “(sold out)”.

                        So I cleared my cart completely and started over. The R7 option was again available. I quickly paid! Keith confirmed I am all set.

                        See you all in December!

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