What are the absolute requirements (for you) when buying a bike?

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      First time writing; I hope this is formatted well! In other words, other than just buying a bike, what are some other things you consider to be required when getting started riding? (Please note the question is not “how much did it take YOU to get started riding”, because no offense to anyone, but what we did first is probably not what we did best.. )

      Without further ado, my list —

      > Motorcycle (duh)

      > Registration

      > Good insurance (Used liability for years. I will never have a bike without comprehensive again– losing your pride and joy overnight sucks. I also ride with Collision now too, but the general idea is not to crash into anything)

      > Gear (Helmet, with pinlock visor for if it rains. Good boots, helmet, jacket and maybe even pants from a reputable manufacturer that works when it is rainy and sunny. Maybe multiple outfits depending on riding style and comfort in all weather. Cardo or sena for music and a gopro for insurance is nice too, but not required.

      > Training (ChampU, MSF, Track Courses/Champ School, Youtube, etc) & Drills

      > Bike Protection: For me on a sport bike, this is Axel sliders, swingarm sliders, frame sliders, Alternator Cover, Clutch Cover, Water Pump Cover, Timing Cover and lever guards. I rather go over the top on protection and never need it then skimp and regret it.

      That is it– I stay away from exhaust/tune and carbon anything because the expense. Because of the bike I have (BMW S1000RR), I already have heated grips, steering damper and a few other goodies. Of course, a tail tidy and windscreen are nice and high on my list, but far from required. Bags are always nice, but a backpack works in the meantime while you chose the perfect set for you. Already had a quadlock from my old bike, but it is really only good for navigation and it is quite expensive for just that. If you would like to make your bike more comfortable (and you should) or you are exceptionally tall or short, then bars and/or rearsets are something to consider. You can never go wrong with improving brakes, and the first thing I do to any bike that isn’t off the showroom floor is pretend it has never been maintained– brake fluid/brakes, chain/sprockets, oil, maybe even engine timing, tires.

      What do you think? Did I miss anything? Do you think my priorities are out of whack? Let’s see what you think.


        I am pretty similar to you. I am an all gear all the time and will spend the money for protecting me and the bike. The only thing I don’t do is listen to music. I’ve always been afraid I would get distracted so I’ve never tried it.


          Hi Taylor,

          As above, I’m not a fan of listening to music either when I ride. Its just too distracting and my small brain cant cope… If it works for you, cool. The only thing I would suggest is ditch the back pack and get some type of tail bag. I’ve always found back packs inhibit my movement on the bike and the weight moving around is annoying to me.
          Otherwise I do all the same as you as far as maintaining my bike, gear and training etc especially when I get a new/new to me bike.

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