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    Emilio Naranjo

      Hello champs,

      I always come back to champ U vids whenever I’m feeling a little lost. I always watch MotoGp and try to see what the best riders are doing. Recently I came across some old videos from Simon Crafar in which he states that its better to turn-in off the brakes, i.e. not to trail-brake. Downshifting, braking hard before the turn in and then letting go off the brakes.

      Now, personally I do tend to do this on the street (I haven’t been to a track, hopefully I can make it to Champ School next year- fingers crossed) as I have purchased a sports bike I noticed the engine brake is quite noticeable. Since I’m not riding hard on the street, sometimes I don’t need to brake at all just close the throttle and make the turn (I do cover the brake lever though, that habit has stayed with me). Which I believe Nick talks it in his book, sport riding techniques, Chap 5, on the Gas.
      So closing off the throttle transfers weight forward, which will make the geometry collapse and help you turn-in.
      I decided to watch the videos from Umbrella of direction to recall some concepts and theory, and it got me thinking

      What happens in chicanes and a series of quick corners, where you have to turn direction, what should the controls be regarding throttle and brakes?
      Like for example in the corkscrew of Laguna Seca, or the esses Turn 3,4 and 5 of the Circuit of Americas.

      I believe if you use the theory of Umbrella of direction, I would arrive to my decision point where I’m on the brakes, I see the corkscrew for example, once you take the first turn, hit the apex, then what should be my next control? Should I be in neutral throttle and change direction, should I let go off brakes and coast to change direction and hit the next apex of the chicane, or should I be braking again to change direction.

      I tried to search some videos, to see the telemetry of any rider on track, i.e. Laguna Seca, but I couldn’t find any.
      I’m would appreciate your insights on applying the umbrella of direction in this scenario.

      I tried to keep it as short as possible, I know it was a bit to much to read, so I would like to thank in advance to anyone who took the time to read it and reply.


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