Track Day Insurance

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    It is my understanding the most insurance companies do not cover insurance for track days.
    Do people ride with no insurance on track days?
    Do you have insurance for just track days?
    Thanks for any advice.

    Alex Hatfield

    If memory serves, Hagerty offers track day insurance.
    That being said, I’ve never met anyone that has track day insurance outside of some very rare bikes.

    Most big insurance companies strictly disclaim any “high performance driving events” or anything “on closed circuit courses.”
    Sometimes, they’ll cover track events IF the event is a school (like ours).


    Interesting, so most everyone rides at track without insurance. So if wreck and bike is totaled, you’re out the money. I’m new to all this so just learning how things work. Thanks for the info.

    Ruud Brand

    Hi SJ, it is indeed as you describe it: if you damage your bike at the track the cost is all for you. That being said, if you invest in track riding the cost of an off can be quite modest (not talking about a whopper of a crash). If you fit crash protection and remove the lights from your bike before going on track a low side will see you replace a lever, a clip-on and a crash bobbin.


    Does insurance normally cover accidents in training classes such as Champ School?

    Alex Hatfield

    Hey SJ,

    Can’t give you a good answer to this, as every insurance company differs. If you do decide to call your provider, it would be worth stressing two things: (1) ChampSchool is a professional school, not a high performance driving event or race, and (2) at no point during the school is anything timed. It’s simply a closed course environment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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