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    Todd Bryant

      Street Rider | Kawasaki Concours |

      I am excited about this course. I’ve been off the bike for about a year and every year, I add a learning program. Most times, it’s a course, sometimes it’s a book or online course, this year I am here. I enjoy riding roads in the southeast (i.e. Cherohala Skyway) and want to increase my enjoyment while reducing my risk.

      David McBride

        Hello Todd – I grew up in the Marietta area and ride in the same areas as you. I hope to improve my street riding skills with techniques learned from the online champu course.


        Todd Bryant

          Hi David — I’ve been using Trail Braking and this course’s other skills, and they have significantly improved my riding and confidence. My Kawasaki Concours has really great brakes but the idea that you need to load the tire before you work the tire helps me understand what’s going on with the rubber. I practice over at Jim R. Miller Park regularly. Let me know if you want to hook up at some point. All the best!

          Sean Casinger

            Hi Todd,

            Nice to see some more GA folks on here. I’m down in the Savannah area and make my way up to the Marietta region from time to time. You guys have some beautiful riding up there. I love what you said about the braking and loading the tire. That was a really great revelation for me as well.

            Safe riding out there!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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