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      New rider question.

      I really enjoyed ChampU and now that I have my bike ( F750GS ) implementing the techniques taught.

      Todays focus was consistently keeping my hands on bars like “holding a screwdriver” – I struggled – the challenge was maintaining position and some finger fatigue especially w clutch. Also ran into a challenge that kind of freaked me out.

      Came up to some intersections and a hill that I could not see pass the crest so I went to cover brake while slowing decreasing throttle – each time in order to cover brake ( only middle finger was able to reach) I felt like I let out way too much throttle and slowed bike too much.
      One time I had a car right on my ass so I tapped the rear brake slightly to activate light and he backed off slightly. Maybe I need to review ergonomic section and adjust levers further or get dif ones?

      Interested in your thoughts

      However on way home I was covering brake ( the incorrect way since hand was aching) and doing about 35 and a car made a left turn right in front me – of course I was watching the tires the whole time – saw them turn then the tire move and I slowly released throttle and applied front brake without issue — THANK YOU!!!

      Make it a great day!


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