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      Signed up for the September class in AZ and am excited! I’ve done a handful of track days so have learned to overprepare for my time at the track, however, I’ll be riding in on my bike and limited in what I can bring. Looks like the students are well taken care of with the school, but is there anything you’ve commonly seen people forget to pack with them for the 2 day class they really wish they had?

      Already got a hat and sunscreen on the list for any time outside not in a helmet!

      I always travel with a tire gauge and small bicycle hand pump, although guessing with the full facilities there it won’t be needed?

      Alex Hatfield

        Hey Jesse!

        A couple things I’d recommend..

        (1) Things to do prior:
        Work out- focusing on cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and core strength and endurance. Legs help tremendously too.
        Hydrate for a week prior to coming.
        Try to get a good night’s sleep every night for that week as well.
        Finish Champ U! Seriously, we see a big difference in students that finish the online portion first.

        (2) Things to bring:
        Desire! (Obviously!)
        An open mind
        Willingness to try new things
        Percussion massager (if you own one, don’t worry about it if you don’t)
        Your favorite flavor caffeine (even better if you don’t use any!)
        Two sets of base layers (you’re gonna get sweaty)
        A pair of comfortable shoes to swap into at the end of the day
        Any over-the-counter or prescription meds you might need. In particular, I recommend some kind of nasal decongestant, as the wind kicks up some serious dust there.


          Perfect, thank you! Good callout on the exercising, going to ramp that up a bit in the weeks leading up to it.

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