Thank you for an amazing course! Look forward for more.

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    Jacob Brewer

      I am a relatively new rider, and I am always looking for more knowledge I can apply to make my riding safer. There are not many physical courses around me, so I was excited to see it when Champ U was first introduced. I don’t have ambition to get into racing, but I have definitely taken these skills to the streets. With practice I have reduced my bad habits and I feel more confident on the road.

      Before taking the course I spent a lot of time in parking lots practicing different maneuvers. But with the information I was able to take from your course I found it easier to diagnose why and where my input was wrong if I didn’t get my desired outcome. I am a strong proponent of practice, glad you guys drill it in to not just think of it once, but to actually use it every time you ride. For example, you might not need to properly brake into a corner to get out. But if there is anything out of the usual, you’ll be glad you had good entry braking and you kept your fingers on the brakes to change your direction or stop when you need to.

      I would like to thank everyone that was part of the production of the course, and I will be looking forward to taking more of your online courses in the future. Hope Ill also be able to make it out in person at some point.

      Keep up the good work, stay safe out there.

      Alex Hatfield

        Hi Jacob!

        Thanks so much for the feedback! We’re super glad you found us early in your riding career, and are putting the course to good use. Building sound technique on a blank slate is a fantastic way to prevent the formation of bad habits!

        DEAN BUSH

          The BEST part of the whole course was at the very end when Nick puts on his riding jacket and comes back to the camera and says “You still here? We’re finished. Go ride your motorcycle. Go on!” This course was truly awesome! What more can I say. The trainers, the curriculum, the knowledge, the demonstrations. It couldn’t get any better! Thank you ALL!

          Alex Hatfield

            We did have some fun shooting that, with a bit of a nod toward Ferris Beuller 😉

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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