Street tire wear in canyon riding

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    John Stutzman

      I’ve seen a few videos discussing tire wear on tracks, and have done searching for an answer to this, but have a question that may have been answered before. I am curious about having less unused tire on my front than rear, since usually it is the opposite (The “Chicken strip” is smaller in the front). I ride a 2022 Genuine G400C, it’s my 7th bike, I’ve been riding all my life. Basically it is 350lb 400cc singe that is an XR400 motor in what is similar to the CB350 street frame.

      I don’t like to use the term “Chickenstrip” because I am not worried about being a chicken, just curious if this is telling me that I should brake harder/softer, try different fork springs, or just leave well enough alone. I have some local canyon twistys, and have had some guys out-pace me, but also have ridden at my own pace and left others behind. This is just to say I consider myself an experience rider that keeps an average pace that allows for corrections if I come across unexpected terrain, or obstructions. I also commute, and am constantly scanning/evaluating.

      I get a lot of engine braking from the single, so I constantly try to keep neutral throttle mid-corner, but it is a low-HP bike, so I can get on the throttle pretty early without sending me outside the line I want.

      Alex Hatfield

        Hi John,

        What tire pressures are you running, and how often are you checking the pressure?
        When we see “different” wear, that’s normally the first thing we look at.

        John Stutzman

          I just run what’s listed on the bike, 33 front and rear. I check probably every other week. It isn’t uneven, I’m just used to having the rear tire have wear closer to the edge than the front. I run the Kenda K671 Cruiser ST tires that came on the bike stock, it’s about a year old.

          Clearly they aren’t performance tires, nor is the bike, but I ride fairly aggressively in the canyons of San Diego and have about 1/4″ unused tire front and about 1/2-3/4″ on the rear. I probably should have got an R7, but I like the vintage look, didn’t have much money, and thought I would be able to contain myself better on a slower bike.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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