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    I’m a 51-yr Finnish guy, got my motorcycle license as a bonus with my driver’s license in 1989 (the laws have since changed, you no longer get that automatically). Turning fifty, I guess I started dreaming, as many men especially do, about riding a motorcycle. I’ve never ridden one in my life, but ended up buying a used bike (’00 Suzuki GSX 750) a couple of weeks ago and I’m waiting for it to be delivered to me (and for the snow to melt).
    I’ve spent maybe 50 hours on Youtube watching the Canyonchasers and Motojitsu channels, learning some basic stuff about handling the bike in slow and fast speeds, and learning how bikes work, from the physics point of view, to conquer my slight fear of dropping the bike or losing control of it, or like so often happens, going wide in a corner and getting seriously injured or killed. It is a sad fact that many people in my situation end up in the statistics, because they lack the patience to really understand the basics of safe driving and handling unexpected situations.
    Both those Youtube channels mention YCRS and there was a video about ChampU, which made me join. I’ve completed the Four Core habits, and I find this so enlightening! I will take driving lessons from the local driving school when I get the bike, but I already feel more confident in being able to drive safe on the street (once I get the hang of riding at all), and I am glad to have a lot of ideas for practicing specific skills from the ChampU classes. Thanks so much for putting together such a great course! Can’t wait to get my bike and start putting these lessons into use.

    Alex Hatfield

    Welcome, Sami! Please keep us updated on your riding journey – we’d love to follow along!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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