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    Rosa Neves

    Hi, I’m Rosa Neves, from Madeira Island, Portugal.
    Champ U is incredible and I’m learning a lot from it.
    However, since I just changed from a suzuki classic 250 to my first “big” bike sv650, whenever I have to U turn I keep letting it fall down. Any tips?🙏
    Thank you.

    Alex Hatfield

    Hello and welcome, Rosa!

    To your SV650 question: are you keeping your inside foot on the footpeg, or holding it off? We prefer “Foot-ready” (inside foot out and ready to touch the ground) U-turns for that exact reason.
    Additionally, here is a great video full of tips for shorter riders:

    How are the roads over there? My wife and I are looking at renting motorcycles and spending a week touring the country.

    Rosa Neves

    Thank you Alex. I’ll have to practice more to improve.
    You must come to Madeira Island, you’ll love it. Lots of bikes you can rent here. Mostly twisty roads, hills, small highways and the weather is fantastic.
    A little bit of information about our island:
    Hope to see you and your wife riding our roads soon 😊

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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