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    christian loret de mola

      I am a new rider from brazil and here they all use rear brake
      after champu I only use front brake now I am afraid of using rear brake
      What make it worst is that my bike has CBS I hate ir rear brake messing with my front brake is awful
      But here is the law ABS or CBS and since abs is expensive most have cbs
      I have been trying to learn how to coordinate both brakes because even when you start gently with both you start building pressure at the front but release the rear
      Today I almost fall because I sis not coordinate well at built pressure in both and since it is cbs the front tire locked on a road wet with a little gravel when going into a stop since
      Scary but I was at really low speed

      So any advice with this ?

      Alex Hatfield

        after champu I only use front brake now I am afraid of using rear brake

        There is no reason to be afraid of the rear brake; its a fantastic tool, and motorcycles come equipped with them for a reason. That being said, it is easier to lock up the rear brake than the front for two reasons: (1) as we brake, weight moves forward and unloads the rear tire, and (2) our feet are much less adept than our fingers at subtle, smooth movements.
        Find some time and practice with the rear brake and front brake individually, then combine the two. Focus on feeling that first five percent of brake application. Using both brakes effectively takes some work, so don’t feel frustrated if you aren’t mastering it within a day. Remember that “practice makes permanent,” so make a focused effort to get it right every time you do practice.

        mark van Hoeij

          Christian, on a motorcycle, gravel is the worst. If I had to ride over a patch of gravel, I would brake as much as I can before the gravel, and release the front brake (and straighten the bike) before reaching the gravel.

          Gravel on the road makes traction unpredictable, you can’t count on having more than zero-traction there. The way the bike behaved there is very different from how it behaves on a clean road.

          christian loret de mola

            thanks for the comments really helpful!
            gravel is awful and I have been trying to brake now with both brakes, and practicing how to stop on dirt road, I almost fall again, but need to practice and practice, so when I really need to brake on gravel or dirt I know at least what to do or how my bike would react

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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