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    Paul Healy

    Hi. I bought the Online course today and I am only a few courses into the curriculum.
    I can tell already:
    – well done – I am glad got the online course.
    – I look forward to completing it.
    – there are drills and thoughts that I wish I could go practice right now if only it was not February in Cleveland with a blizzard occurring right now and the roads coated in salt.

    Beyond the course, I am glad this course/website has a forum.
    I have started to poke around the forum and I am appreciating going thru the topics posted.

    my initial feedback for you includes:
    a) there are several hundred forum posts splayed over a few dozen channels. Does a forum search feature exist? If so I can not find it. I kinda feel the days of finding a specific forum post by reviewing all forum posts have long since passed.

    b) I would appreciate a forum channel for Cruiser owners. I kinda feel that some of the inherent characteristics of a heavy cruiser might impact how to internalize and practice what the online course is preaching. Surely some discussion is warranted when the bike is north of 800 lbs, and the rider’s seated position is more akin to a church pew than a track racer, and what is done differently when the rear brake pedal location is forward of your knee.

    c) I kinda feel I want to know who are my fellow online course classmates. Mostly to get a feel for Typical age, typical experience, typical goals, whatever. Maybe Cruiser owners are not a typical purchaser of this online course. Maybe I am the first. But then again I am not sure how anyone could answer this because neither the website nor the course nor the forum have asked any “get to know your customer” questions.

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    Shawn Collins

    Hi Paul,

    You brought up some good suggestions for the forum. I agree it does not have modern navigation features. Hopefully, your post will encourage them to improve it. I’ve found using Google to search the forum helps a little [topic] site:

    Voting would be nice so that popular posts, questions, and answers move to the top.

    I ride a cruiser and agree, a dedicated channel would be nice. ?

    I’ve gone through the online course twice and found the material applies to cruisers. It would be helpful to see cruisers in the videos since there is a difference in riding position and lean. My second time through I noticed comments about non-sport riding in some lessons that I had not caught the first time.

    Hope to see other cruiser owners pop up.

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    Alex Hatfield

    Hi Paul and Shawn!

    First, thanks for the feedback! As the Program Manager, it is extremely helpful to see what we’ve done well and where we can improve.

    (1) To address your Forum Search question: If you click the “Forums” button on the breadcrumb link at the top of this topic (or navigate to, the search bar is located on the left, under the red “FORUMS” lettering. Unfortunately, BBPress doesn’t seem to allow for this feature to extend down to the topic/reply level, but I’ll be looking into options and coding to allow for such.

    (2) A cruiser-specific forum is an interesting idea to play with. The big concern would be segmenting riders into groups by motorcycle type might lessen the community as a whole. Remember, Kyle Wyman uses the same techniques on his King of the Baggers bike that he does on a superbike that weighs a fraction of the big bike. Not sure how familiar you are with Reddit, but the channel r/Motorcycles has an incredible online presence and there is always a conversation going, whereas smaller communities like r/Trackdays and some manufacturer subreddits are pretty boring and lack interaction. There’s a balancing act there, but I’ll certainly add the idea to our next internal meeting to discuss!

    (3) The “getting to know your classmates” thing is something we’ve been mulling about internally for some time. There is an option to essentially convert this entire forum into a standalone social media platform, but we didn’t pursue it originally because of the plethora of platforms that already exist in that space. Perhaps a Champ U Facebook Group would be the way to go? What are your thoughts on something like that?

    (4) Cruisers. This is a problem we identified early but had no real solution for (inventory was tough to find mid-pandemic!). We’re hopeful to get a hold of a Star Venture for an upcoming Street-biased Champ U course, so stay tuned!

    Hopefully this addresses the excellent points you both made, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Facebook group and better search functionality.

    Alex Hatfield

    Based on your feedback, I added an “introductions” and “general discussion” forum 🙂 Thanks!

    Pedro Serrano

    Maybe what they are referring to is “Champ Street”, but online. Also, I would like to see more videos on Champ U and I think adding past “Champ Street” clinics would be a good idea.

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