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    Ivan Tutaan

      I have an issue with trail braking on bends/corners or motorcycle braking in general. When I want to brake or trail brake example on a 6% downhill with bends, as much as I want to trail brake, by the time I let go of my throttle to get into my front brake, the bike has already slowed down enough, for me to need to brake (around 10mph or more slower than approaching speed). Only way, I could trail brake without engine braking taking the actual brake’s job is if I use the clutch. I really do not want to do it this way specially on bends or corners. I understand that there should also be no overlapping of throttle and brake as well. What shall I do to make more effective use of the brake without the engine braking getting in the way?

      Keith Culver


        You are taking the safer approach. Getting into a corner too slow will rarely get you hurt. But it can be frustrating because you do it, then realize you could have come in faster.

        We brake when we are nervous so it can be hard to brake later when you are nervous. Your motorcycle will turn much better, and often safer with the brakes on because it changes the geometry to make it steer better and creates more contact patch in the front tire so the goal is to enter the corner fast enough to need the brakes.

        This can be difficult on public roads and much easier to creep up to and practice on the track where there is a lot more safety margin.

        The answer is you need to enter faster. Fast enough to need to use the brakes but I want to be cautious telling you to go faster on public roads. If you cant get to the track, find safe areas to work on this within the limits of the street, even if not a downhill until you get the feel of it.

        Where do you live?



        Michael Duda

          My question is somewhat similar. In general, am I to be keeping off the clutch as I preload and then gradually increase front brake before tip-in and lean? What if I must slow down enough that it requires a downshift?

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          Michael Duda

            Never mind. I’m watching the downshifting videos. It makes sense now.

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