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    Jason Ronczka


      So first wanted to say that ChampU has been an amazing resource. Worth every penny spent. I used to ride a lot, bust stopped about 8 years ago. I spent a lot of time on the track and twisty mountain roads in PA and have gone through the Total Control stuff. I’m getting back on the bike now and realize that not only are my skills not what they used to be, but also that we’ve learned a lot about motorcycles and have had a lot of improvements in technology and engineering since I’ve been away. I’ve been back on the bike for about 1,500 miles so far and I can ride fine, but you don’t know what you don’t know, right? I’m not planning on any track days (though the younger part of me does miss it), but I want to enhance my skills on the street. Having said all of that, would you recommend ChampStreet or the full ChampSchool for someone like me? I’m not looking to try and drag knee or wipe my chicken strips, that’s asinine on most any public road, but I want to be better in the corners and braking and so on. Assuming money isn’t an issue and I can afford to do whatever, which is going to help me the most out on public roads (twisty, but still public)?

      Thanks in advance. I’d like to register for an upcoming course soon and want to make sure I’m setting myself up for the right experience.

      Alex Hatfield

        Hi Jason!

        First, thanks so much for being part of the solution! Love that you’re taking the course seriously and putting in the time and effort to improve as a rider. Second, I think ChampStreet would be a fantastic approach, especially just getting back into the sport. Lower barriers of entry and it addresses the exact points you’re looking for. That being said, ChampStreet is simply a broader, shorter, but more tailored (to street riding) version of the two-day school. You’ll get the same lessons and such, but not quite at the same degree as the two-day.

        Jason Ronczka

          Hi Alex,

          Thanks for your reply. I registered for ChampStreet just now. See ya’ll in August. 🙂


            do you recommend Champ Street for less experienced riders?

            Alex Hatfield

              Not really. The two-day course offers a significant bonus to learning the second day!

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