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    Robert Atkinson

      I’ve registered for ChampSchool next year, I’m curious what I need for gear. Do I need full racing leathers and race boots or is armoured jacket, pants and leather boots enough? Thanks

      Alex Hatfield

        Hi Robert!
        From our FAQ page:

        Gear Requirements. Do you have gear for me to rent? What are the policies?
        ChampSchool Gear Requirements

        ChampSchool is held on a track so we will require standard track gear. We prefer leather suits, the one-piece is best, the two-piece is common and just fine provided the top and bottom zip together. Sometimes we get riders coming with their Cordora style suits (including Aerostich) and while we wouldn’t wear them on track, it’s your skin, not ours. They are usually ok for one fall but are rarely ever reusable. Obviously, you need a full-face helmet, gloves, and over the ankle boots. We like to see students using back protectors as well.

        If you do not have your own gear, we do offer rental gear. We are fairly well stocked with Arai helmets, Dainese Leathers, Boots, Gloves, and back protectors, and have most standard sizes available to rent. Keep in mind, our rental gear is better than most but we are still limited to what is available so if you have gear that you know fits well, we recommend bringing it.

        You must know your sizes for rental gear. Size guide is available HERE. (Just click Size Guide on the right side)

        Often, if you are an average size and build, you can provide your height and weight and we can let you know if you would easily fit into one of the standard sizes.

        Even better than the size guide, which seems to be geared towards European body types, we highly recommend getting out to a store to try the gear on first and get the size right. Cycle Gear is a national franchise and always stocks lots of gear. We recommend Google Maps to find the Cycle Gear nearest to you.

        Keep in mind, we have two standard sizes of each safety gear item (leathers, boots, gloves, helmets). The (mostly) Dainese leathers we have are from size 44 to 62 (euro) and are not guaranteed to fit everyone. We are not responsible for misjudged or unavailable sizes. The time it takes to measure yourself, try on gear, and provide us with a proper size, is way less painful than showing up and not having gear available. If you arrive and cannot fit into the gear because you were not accurate in your sizing or you didn’t reach out ahead of time to make sure we could fit you, you are not eligible to ride, not eligible for a refund, or reschedule.

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