Applying weight on motorcycle pegs to initiate a corner.

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      Hello guys, I am a new rider and want to clear a few things. I completed ChampU and have some struggling with average speed corners (60-90km/h ~ 35-55mp/h). My question what is the appropriate way to hold the bike by legs and which stand bracket should I push/weight right in the moment when I initiate a turn. I have a doubts because from video I understand that I should weight inner stand in the corner to help overcome “gyroscope moment” but for me it’s a little bit counterintuitive because for a turn I should push handle bar to counter steer, it’s convenient to weight/push by leg external peg and in the same time push forward internal handlebar. For example in the right corner I push my left leg to the motorcycle and down at the same time push my right hand on handlebar forward to counter steer and lean bike on right, is it correct?

      Thanks a lot.
      P.S> Sorry if my english isn’t very well, I am trying advance it last year :), work still in progress.

      Stan Stowards

        Body Position – Section 1

        Instead of thinking about the feet, focus more on moving your head and upper body off the centre line of the bike. This is what influences the centre of gravity (and weights the inside foot peg.

        Your english is good! Keep up the good work.

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          Thanks for the clarification, I am going to review Body Position one more time and stick to it.

          P.S. Sorry for late response, my best regards.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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