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    Aaron Scholten

      I have not completed all of your courses yet, and in fact have the on hands one planned for September,but just thought Id throw this out there.

      The discussion on traction, vs, lean angle, and speed on how it’s all a trade off, while it might be complicating things a bit, I am thinking that another aspect you might want to consider adding is, Centrifugal Force, how it plays you, and also that the faster you are going, the smaller the patch of tire is that is touching the pavement, that centrifugal forces are causing the tire to stretch away from the road, and unload.

      With this, you get tight into a corner, not only is your speed trying to throw you in a straight line .vs. the turn YOU want to do, but it’s also making your tires even less engaged with the pavement, to ACCOMODATE it’s wishes that you…go in a straight line. In other words just your speed alone, can take points off your total.

      Just some food for thought. I’ve designed various training courses in the past for safety topics and such, and try to be thorough.

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