-Will YCRS be coming west soon?
-When will YCRS be back at Laguna Seca?
-Can YCRS go on the road and come to my track?

If we had a dollar for every time we get one of these questions, we could offer the school for half price.

Well, we didn’t get a dollar for the questions but we are listening and need your help.  We have the opportunity to bring YCRS west over the winter but need to know it’s an opportunity you would take advantage of.

Here is what we are asking:

-Email us and let us know if you would come to a YCRS school at Laguna Seca in mid-December, January, both, or prefer another date.

-Email us if you would be interested in a very high-end, private, country-club like racetrack in Tucson, AZ that we can offer in either much smaller groups or at a much lower price.

-Email us if you want us at your favorite local racetrack. We are open to any all season tracks like Chuckwalla, AutoClub, ThunderHill, etc.

Laguna is a premium race track and costs will reflect this.  School will be between $2500-$3000 so take this into consideration.  If you know you would come please let us know.  Here is a video clip from previous YCRS schools at Laguna.

bike-curveWe also have the opportunity to book a beautiful private race track in Tucson, AZ and use it as a home base for the winter.  This place is a Country Club!  Thanks to Chris Peris, we have been offered a great deal on this racetrack and would be able to do full two-day programs for only $1795 with 20 riders and/or a more private “YCRS Pro” school with only 10 riders for $2395.  We are also discussing a YCRS graduate only school with only 10 riders so let us know how many of you would like to see this happen and would be willing to commit.  The Tucson track (Inde Motorsports Ranch www.indemotorsports.com) has more flexibility in scheduling than Laguna.

If you know you would come, let us know.  We are excited for these opportunities but can only consider them if we know our amazing customers are behind us.  If we can get 20 riders to confirm at least three lasses, we will start packing up and head west after the last school of the season here in New Jersey.

Thank you in advance for your help.  We appreciate it and our customers very much and look forward to your response.

-The YCRS Staff