Dear riders,

This letter is to let you know that the Yamaha Champions Riding School is coming to the Midwest.  YCRS has book Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, MN for a two-day ChampSchool on August 1-2.

Nick is excited to return to yet another track where he has finished on the podium (ya know, back in like the ’70s or something).  The rest of us are excited to visit a track that has such history including World Superbike and many years of AMA Superbike Racing.

The dates are August 1-2 and the locals tell us the weather is awesome in August. Without even advertising or making it official, we already have seven riders registered so six more and we can make this happen.  We will cap the program at 20.

The program will be BYOBike but if you’re a previous graduate, contact us and we will see if we can find something for you to ride if you live too far away to bring your own.

So for all you riders in the middle of the country who have always wanted to attend a Yamaha Champions Riding School but New Jersey or Arizona were too far, here is your chance to learn from the best instructors in the country how the best riders in the world ride their motorcycles.  YCRS’s philosophy is that if the best riders all use certain techniques and they go the fastest, yet fall down the least, these are the techniques we want to teach.  We call these the “Champions Habits”.

The best riders in the world have used these habits for decades, all the way back to Yamaha world champions like Kel Carruthers, Stevie Baker (F750), Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey.  We think those guys are a pretty good place to start with when discussing what the best riders in the world do.  Since then, these habits have been responsible for multiple national and world titles as well as hundreds of thousands of safe street riding miles.

Go to www.champschool.com  or www.ridelikeachampion.com and click “Enroll Today” at the top of the page to see this school as well as all the schools on our 2016 Schedule.  We would love to have you join us at this historic facility.  Don’t forget, July 1 is our cutoff to be assured we have enough interest to make this journey.