Happy Presidents Day! Which, if any, US Presidents Rode Motorcycles?
We haven’t found too many that have been enthusiasts but current VP Mike Pence is a rider.  Teddy Roosevelt, when he was police commissioner of NYC in 1895, started using bicycle cops to chase down speeding horse-drawn carriages.  Ten years later, in 1905, they added their first motorcycle.  Does that count?   Jimmy Carter is rumored to have ridden before the presidency.  Joe Biden, who is a gear-head car enthusiast, once said how disappointed he was in not being able to drive, or ride a motorcycle when he was VP.
How about, in 2020, we skip the politics, get colorblind, and just find us a motorcycle riding enthusiast to vote for and celebrate Presidents Day with a motorcycle ride? Valentino for President! 

Happy Presidents Day to all.  We hope you can either spend the day riding, or working on your bikes if you’re on the cold(er) side.

Joe Salas of 4TheRiders may be the best photographer west of the Mississippi but even he didn’t need to whip up any magic to get this picture of Kyle Wyman showing what this bike (can we call it a bike?) can do.  You see, just before Kyle did this, Joe himself was testing the lightness of the front end and knew it would be easy.

NEWS – Extra, Extra!  Read All About It…Ladies and Gentleman, you can wheelie a Niken!  

We all rode it and had an idea: put a famous rider on it blind-folded and ask them to ride it and give feedback.  We bet that person would have no idea there were two wheels in the front.  Everyone who tested it was blown away.  We want Nick to do a 200 points of grip video about it.  A certain four-time Superbike Champion commented on it to me the other day saying, “It’s a pretty good feeling pulling out of your garage on a Niken knowing how difficult it would be to tuck the front end.”  Makes sense to all of us who felt the front grip. If you get the opportunity to try one, do it! 

More News – Florida!  A warm winter get-away: Our class at Palm Beach International Raceway in warm sunny Florida is next week.  As always, a new venue doesn’t sell out the first time we visit so there are still seats available if you want to practice or learn Champions Habits in t-shirt weather!  Bike and gear rentals are also available for the PBIR Class. 

Next up we’ll be back to Inde for our March “home” game and then off to Willow Springs in Southern California. March in Arizona is typically perfect weather and not too shabby in SoCal either.  
We are very excited about  holding class for the first time at the Streets of Willow.  We’ve all been there a few times for various reasons and believe it is a phenomenal teaching track in a great location.  All events will be ChampSchools with some economical ChampDay seats and the new ChampGrad seats available. 

After March we will hold another round at Inde in early April and then head to Cresson, TX, for class the days following MotoGP at COTA.

Calling All Marines! – YCRS is a designated provider of Level Three motorcycle training for the US Marine Corpsand we field a lot of calls from Marines wanting to take our class.  We currently teach at MCAS Miramar, MCB Quantico, and MCAS Cherry Point with MCAS Yuma being added in 2019.   If you are looking to take one of these classes, reach out to your traffic safety office on base.  If you are at a different base and wish to have YCRS there, reach out to us and we will put you in touch with the right people. 

All dates and details can be found on our website www.champschool.com


Not too much racing going on right now but we are excited to see YCRS instructor Kyle is switching brands for 2019; we’re excited for him and expect some great racing from KW.  We’re behind him no matter the color of the bike as we know Champions Habits are color blind.
Tyler Scott, a three-time YCRS graduate is the first American in too many years to get selected for the Red Bull Rookies Cup team.  Tyler will put his Champions Habits against the best kids from all over the world and YCRS is excited to be able to help in any way we can. 
Tyler is more proof that starting with NJMiniGP and moving through ChampSchool may be the best way to give a young rider or racer a head start in this challenging sport.

Our long time partner, Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers has just announced that they will now be supplying warmers for factory Yamaha Racing and we are very excited for them.  Check out the details on that venture here.


  • Feb 11-12, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • Feb 26-27, Palm Beach International Raceway*
  • March 11-12, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • March 28-29, Streets of Willow
  • March and/or April – Palm Beach Raceway  (TBD)
  • April 8-9, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • April 16-17, Motorsports Ranch (Texas)*
  • May 13-14, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • May 20-21, Pitt-Race *
  • June 17,  NJMP – Thunderbolt
  • June 18-19, NJMP – Thunderbolt
  • July 22-23, NJMP – Thunderbolt *
  • July 29-30, The Ridge Motorsports Park
  • August 19-20, Pitt-Race
  • September 2, NJMP – Thunderbolt  (MotoSchoolooza)
  • September 3-4,  NJMP – Thunderbolt
  • October 14-15, Inde Motorsports Ranch*
  • November 11-12, Inde Motorsports Ranch*
  • Dec 7,  Arizona Motorsports Park
  • December 9-10, Inde Motorsports Ranch *

Click here for full schedule.