January 7/8 of 2016 Yamaha Champions Riding Schoool: Graduates Only at Inde Motorsports Ranch!We love tradition and our Graduate Only school is one of the best annual events in motorcycling. It’s happening January 7/8 of 2016 and we have some terrific plans that include data acquisition review and a ton of video work. Throw in suspension experiments, track changes and a few secret challenges to create two days of two-wheeled heaven.

“The grad-only school is a gas,” says YCRS’s Chris Peris. “We pull out all the stops because these schools start at a higher level. Not necessarily higher speeds, but everyone arrives with a good understanding of the Champions Habits we teach in the standard school. We can really cover some cool stuff.”

This intense two-day program is only open to graduates of the Yamaha Champions Riding School, the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School, or the Peris Riding School.

Inde Motorsports Ranch is an undulating 21-turn slice of asphalt nirvana. Graduates should expect a lot from this school. It’s a wonderful tradition and limited to 16 riders only. The museum “barn”, the gourmet kitchen producing delicious meals (part of your tuition), the collection of old war planes around the property, and the glassed in fire-pit overlooking the facility are just a few of the reasons why Inde truly is Americas’ Motorsports Oasis.


We hope to see you in Arizona this winter where we do not put away our t-shirts!Sincerely,

The Yamaha Champions Riding School