Even at $2395, The Yamaha Champions Riding School is known as “the best investment in motorcycling”.  Since 2008 we have constantly tweaked and improved our program because veteran riders know that YCRS Champions Habits are the only modification/upgrade that will make you faster and safer for the rest of your riding life no matter what bike you ride. Suspension, probably our second-favorite upgrade, is wonderful once you have learned how to use it…but how do you take that awesome new shock from your 2006 R6 to the Super Tenere? YCRS riding skills go with you to every bike, forever!


So how can we make YCRS even better? How about dropping the price to $1995?!  Thanks to an extended contract from Yamaha and some help from the wonderful folks at Yamaha Power Equipment (we also love our very quiet Yamaha generators), YCRS is in a position to allow riders to bring their own bikes to the best motorcycle training available in the United States for $400 less than in years past.  And everyone will still get a chance to “demo” a new Yamaha on day two during Championship Lap!


What are the details?  Bring your bike and save $4-600 (counting the insurance option when renting) off the historic price of $2395.  If you want to ride some of our  shiny new Yamahas, simply add $200 per day to the bill ($300 with insurance), similar to our 2015 price structure.  Want to ride our bike on day one to get the skills down and then your own on day two? Save $200-300 and only rent for one day.  What is the difference in the education? All our Yamahas have a working brake light and side-stand.  We stop in a corner to talk and observe demonstrations from instructors sometimes so without a side-stand, you would be leaning your bike against a wall or just sitting on it.  Instructors watch your brake light quite a bit to help us instruct you on the use of your brakes so a brake light is beneficial.  And the Yamahas are pretty darn good motorcycles.  That’s about it.


During our Arizona schools, we only take 16 riders so there are plenty of bikes for everyone.  At New Jersey Motorsports Park, where we can take up to 24 riders, bike rentals will have some limitations.  We will have 16 R6s, one R3, one FZ-09, and one FZ-07 available for rent so it will be first come, first served.  The Yamaha R1 will only be available by request for previous graduates only, and only for limited lapping, as well as the FZ1.  Email for details if you wish to reserve one.


We are very excited to continue making adjustments to expose more riders to our Champions Habits.  Who designed the motorcycle and how is it designed to be ridden?  What do all of the best riders in the world do to consistently ride faster and/or safer?  That’s what Champions Habits are all about.  With the addition of the single-day ChampDays to be held at NJMP from May through September and AMP (Arizona Motorsports Park) in March as well as ChampStreet (AMP in March, NJMP in September), YCRS continues to add products to attract a larger audience and improve our industry.


We are also actively seeking more corporate sponsors that would like to contribute to making the riding world better and safer or as we say: “Faster/Safer”. The more support we can get, the more savings and more products we can pass on to the students, a benefit for everyone.  If you are or know such a potential sponsor, please contact us for some exciting opportunities.


As always, check us out at www.ridelikeachampion.com and www.champschool.com as well as our awesome YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/ridelikeachampion and follow us on FaceBook via www.facebook.com/ridelikeachampion