Yes, YCRS is on a crusade…to save our sport. Single-bike accidents continue to injure and kill motorcycle riders, yet bikes and tires are better than they’ve ever been.
Misinformation leads to rider error and that gets painful. Riders who have been told they can’t turn and brake at the same time. Riders who believe getting more aggressive is the secret to speed on two wheels. Riders who have attended classes that teach the two fallacies listed above, plus a myriad of other techniques that simply don’t work when the rider truly needs them: when the bus turns into their path, when they’re trying to set a lap record at the track, when they’re trying to get home on a sleet-filled night.
We can all survive this sport by riding slowly on a sunny 70-degree day in a deserted parking lot. But that’s not when riders crash. They crash when the situation requires them to operate their bike at the limit of grip, whether it’s a patch of gravel mid-corner or a season-final race with points on the line. That’s when these riders need the type of training FasterSafer.com and YCRS deliver.
When you’re ready to take a step in your riding, join the crusade. Learn that some of the “conventional wisdom” being taught about riding is literally 100% different than what the best riders do. “Best” means they run the pace they need all their lives with no drama.