Street Rider only Classes

ChampStreet is also new in name but not format or technique.  ChampStreet is based on Sunset Clinics by Nick Ienatsch in Colorado and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps.  When the Marines come and ask you to redesign their system because ours is better than what they have, pride gets an entire different meaning.  ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).

We use ChampStreet to help riders realize that the same Champions Habits the top riders and racers in the world use also apply to you going out on a Sunday ride on your adventure bike, crossing the country on your gold wing, or running up to the store for a gallon of milk on your Sportster.  There is a reason Harley sends us their engineers every year.  ChampStreet is a good way to come and see why.