Dainese, the world leader of protective wear for dynamic sports, is our excluisive performance apparel sponsor. The partnership combines expert rider education and world-class safety apparel with a single goal: improve safety and enjoyment for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Dainese is the official apparel supplier for Yamaha Champions Riding School, and all Riding School instructors are equipped with the latest in Dainese protective technology, including the original and industry-leading D-Air wearable airbag system. Students of the 2-Day ChampSchool programs will
also have access to the complete line of Dainese apparel, for rent and purchase.

“Dainese is the perfect partner to help supply students who may not have their own equipment,” said YCRS CEO Nick lenatsch. “Having a complete line of safety equipment available to students eliminates one of the main objections to acquiring proper motorcycle training, and our students deserve the best technology available, which is why we’re honored to be partnering with Dainese.”

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